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Office 365 and Partnership Marks New Milestone in Cloud Collaboration Race The SharePoint Administrators' Guide to Justifying a Surface Pro 3 The Need for Change Management in a Hybrid SharePoint Environment
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What the partnership really means for content collaboration Our SharePoint pros run through their reasons What change management means within your hybrid SharePoint environment

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  • Archive Manager Wins Third’s Readers’ Choice Award

    Micheal Mullen, Content Manager at Metalogix

    Competition is fierce in the software business and winning any award not only celebrates the accomplishments of the team behind the product but serves as a reflection on how well the software was received by users of that product.

    Today, Metalogix was happy to announce that the team behind Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange ...

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  • Fundamentals for SharePoint Migration Planning

    By Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Metalogix

    Migration planning with Metalogix

    The topic of SharePoint migrations continues to be popular for administrators and business owners alike at regional and local events. Even as I present on a wide variety of topics, from transitioning to the cloud to the deeper integration of social capabilities into the SharePoint user experience, migration plays a role. While it is easy to get caught ...

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  • Reaching SharePoint HIPAA Compliance with ControlPoint

    By Steve Goldberg, Product Manager at Metalogix

    Medical RecordSome of the largest SharePoint implementations in the healthcare industry have been able to reach HIPAA compliance with the help of ControlPoint from Metalogix. In this blog post, I thought I'd outline two main standards where ControlPoint can ensure your SharePoint environment meets HIPAA requirements: Audit Control and Access Control.

    Audit Control: Regulations require you to maintain a frequent review of ...

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  • Hi, I’m Your SharePoint Administrator. Let’s Talk Disaster Recovery

    By Paul LaPorte, Product Marketing Manager

    Most of your SharePoint users have no idea who you are and the efforts you expend on keeping them ready to collaborate. Now is the time to enlighten them, especially if you’re migrating to SharePoint 2013. Meeting with key users not only introduces them to their SharePoint expert, it gets them thinking more about ...

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  • SharePoint Will Not Succeed Without Business Alignment

    By Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Metalogix

    WPC 2014 Main Stage

    Returning from Washington DC and Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (#WPC14) last week, I am excited and energized by the stories and data points shared about the continued growth of Office 365 and the SharePoint ecosystem. While much of my time was spent in sessions and with Metalogix partners, one of the highlights of this annual event is to ...

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  • Storage Optimization Should Still be A Priority

    By Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Metalogix

    Storage optimization is easier with Metalogix

    Storage is something we're beginning to take for granted. As the price of hardware drops and the quality of our bandwidth increases, your organization's storage strategy may be as simple as “Let’s buy more!”. Back in the mid-1990's I was a technical project manager working for the telephone company in the San Francisco area, and led a massive ...

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  • Inside Metalogix: What’s a Money Cup?

    Micheal Mullen, Content Manager at Metalogix

    Murphy with The Money Cup

    At Metalogix, we take our business seriously. From creating award-winning expert tools that increase the collaboration abilities across organizations to an award-winning live 24/7 support team to help SharePoint professionals with implementing our tools in their environments, we’re focused on assisting clients meet and exceed their goals.

    And yes, we do have a sales ...

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