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Yes, You Can Move Straight From SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Backup 5.0 & StoragePoint 5.0: Lightning Fast SharePoint Backup Demystifying OneDrive for Business
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Leaping to SharePoint 2013 from versions older than SharePoint 2010 is not cheap or easy. Here's how to skip the headache.
With terabytes of critical content added 24/4, the needs of users remains the same. That need? "Protect our data." There is a lot of confusion around OneDrive vs. OneDrive for Business. We define the differences.

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  • SharePoint Online Ups Site Collection, Sub-sites, Storage and File Sizes Beyond SharePoint On-premises

    Sep 17, 2014

    By Tamir Orbach, Director of Product Management at Metalogix


    Microsoft's drive to convert organizations to Office 365 has been growing. The obvious benefits include decreased management and reduced hardware costs. But getting clients to upgrade to SharePoint Online is not easy due to both functional limitations in SharePoint Online (SPO), and performance limitations in migrations to SPO.

    Now, it appears ...

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  • Have You Thought About SharePoint Governance?

    Sep 16, 2014

    By Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Metalogix

    There is a lot of talk in the SharePoint community about SharePoint governance, but what exactly does it entail? Well, at a very basic level, many people would say that it is a set of guidelines, rules, responsibilities and procedures on how SharePoint should be used within an organisation.

    However, if you look ...

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  • Ode to Collaboration

    Sep 15, 2014

    By Micheal Mullen, Content Manager at Metalogix

    Collaborate Light BulbCollaboration is a part of any business. And yet, over the past few years, collaboration has become a business that not only enables people to share content and information faster but put their heads together to create better ideas. Collaboration breaks convention by tearing down barriers in workplace divisions, fosters cooperation, builds truly ...

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  • Introducing the Cloud Acceleration Suite

    Sep 12, 2014

    By Dr. Steve Marsh, Director of Product Marketing at Metalogix

    Cloud Acceleration Suite
    In a perfect world, migrating content to the cloud would be done with a single, simple button. Yet, in the real world, IT professionals know that migration takes time. Time to ensure security, manage accessibility, maintain pre-existing governance rules, comply with governmental or regulatory board guidelines and more. Then, during ...

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  • Keep Calm T-Shirts Return to SPTechCon

    Sep 11, 2014

    By Micheal Mullen, Content Manager at Metalogix

    Keep Calm I'm a SharePoint Expert T-shirtMetalogix loves to help SharePoint experts do their jobs better and we’re happy to provide solutions to their growing needs. Yet, our famous “Keep Calm I’m the SharePoint Expert” T-shirts often turn our booth into an expert riot. When partners come to our HQ in DC, we often have to break the news, ...

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  • Will Apple's iWork for iCloud Compete With Office 365?

    Sep 11, 2014

    By Micheal Mullen, Content Manager at Metalogix

    iWork for iCloud
    Professionals tie their creative efforts to the tools they use to create content. In office environments, Microsoft's Office has been the cornerstone of that creation. And with Office 365, it's clear that businesses are focused on increasing productivity by embracing collaborative content platforms that offer low-impact tools that allow users to share and ...

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  • Google for Work’s New Push for File Share, Sync and Collaboration

    Sep 04, 2014

    By Micheal Mullen, Content Manager at Metalogix

    Google for WorkEarlier this week, Google renamed its Google Enterprise efforts to Google for Work. The new name reflects a clearer view of not only Google’s intentions to answer the needs of its corporate customers, but also its ambitions in the strategic Cloud Collaboration market. Google’s announcement and its intention to work with other platforms, ...

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