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7 Steps Towards GDPR Compliance Migrating 3TB of Data in Six Weeks Microsoft's Vision for the Future of IT
7 Steps Towards GDPR Compliance
Migrating 3TB of Data in Six Weeks
Microsoft's Vision for the Future of IT
Not ready for a 20 million Euro fine? Here's how to avoid it. Content Matrix helped Cardinal Solutions beat a rapid migration schedule by 3 weeks. PowerApps might empower end-users to create the apps they need.

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  • Yes, You Can Move Straight From SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016

    May 05, 2016

    By Dr. Steve Marsh & Adam Levithan

    blog move Are you using SharePoint 2010? Attendees from our Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint 2016 Roadshow along with unofficial webinars polls found that an overwhelming majority of attendees are using SharePoint 2010.

    Of course, many of these attendees asked us, “How do I move to SharePoint 2016?” While the migration process of skipping a ...

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  • What the FDIC Breach Teaches Us About Basic Security Practices

    Apr 27, 2016

    By Jai Dargan, Product Manager

    Amsterdam Roadshow

    Last week’s breaking news from the Federal Times that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) had failed to report a data breach to Congress reads like a bad comedy. Based on the report, an employee left the agency for a private sector role and had copied banking records, as well as some 10,000 social security ...

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  • The Dutch Love the Cloud

    Apr 21, 2016

    By Graeme Hutchison, EMEA Marketing Manager

    Amsterdam Roadshow

    The Metalogix SharePoint and Office 365 Roadshow kicked-off last week with a trip to Microsoft Netherlands. Going into the second year of the annual Metalogix Roadshow the decision to start in Amsterdam wasn’t because it was the first alphabetically… no no no. It was because the community in Amsterdam is really alive and organisations ...

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  • Am I Crazy to Think I Need Backup for Office 365?

    Mar 30, 2016

    By Rob Matthews, Product Manager


    Recently in the middle of a conversation with an IT professional, I was asked if it was crazy to have a backup of Office 365 content saved in OneDrive or SharePoint. My answer was simple; you’re not crazy at all, it’s actually a smart question to ask.

    It may seem contradictory due to the nature ...

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  • 5 Tips for Avoiding Security and Compliance Pitfalls

    Mar 24, 2016

    By Jai Dargan, Product Manager


    Would you be able to instantly provide a full record of your users’ activities across your IT systems? Would you be able to provide an auditor with detailed proof of where and how your customers’ private details are stored? And are you able to track suspicious activity within your SharePoint environment?

    Safeguarding private data is ...

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  • SharePoint 2016 Makes a Start on Data Loss Prevention

    Mar 18, 2016

    By Dr Steve Marsh, Director of Product Marketing


    Continuing with our series [Blog 1] on the investment areas within SharePoint Server 2016 we now reach number 3 in the list and my personal favourite – Data Loss Prevention (DLP). It’s no secret that the world in which we now live in requires us to ensure that we are ...

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  • When Data Becomes a Problem

    Mar 16, 2016

    By Jai Dargan


    Last week, Bruce Schneier penned an excellent article that posed a straightforward question: Is Data a Toxic Asset? As Schneier is one of the world’s leading experts (if not THE leading expert) on all things information and “cyber” security, I recommend that every IT professional read it.

    In his view, personal data, which companies routinely collect, harvest, ...

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