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How Metalogix StoragePoint and EMC VSPEX Can Improve Your SharePoint

Mar 08, 2013

By Bonnie Donovan, Vice President, Global Partners & Strategic Alliances

We have seen a flurry of activity since EMC announced at the VMWare Partner Exchange conference that Metalogix StoragePoint was the first application that is certified for VSPEX Proven Infrastructures for SharePoint.  It was a very exciting moment for our company and further validation of StoragePoint as the top SharePoint storage solution in the market.

emc vspex logoBy joining forces with EMC, the industry’s leading providers of IT infrastructure, we can help you create a complete virtualization solution that accelerates deployment of Private Cloud and SharePoint environments. It will also make it easier and simpler for you, our loyal and future customers, to build the right infrastructure for SharePoint. Built with the best-of-breed technologies and proven by EMC, VSPEX enables faster deployment, more simplicity, greater choice, higher efficiency, and lower risk.

EMC VSPEX is powered by a rich ecosystem of leading technology vendors and the technologies have been tested in combination so customers can leverage their existing IT infrastructure, thus providing choice without complexity. Customers benefit thanks to faster deployment times and lower operational cost, while maintaining control and choice in the components they use to power their data center.


In order to get certified into VPSEX, StoragePoint went through rigorous testing with the above combination so customers know that any combination in the bundle has been validated for predictable performance.  This gives the companies within VSPEX a simplified way to provide their customers solutions on building the right infrastructure for SharePoint. 

Metalogix StoragePoint and Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint fit into the VSPEX bundle by providing organizations the opportunity to dramatically reduce costs and improve SharePoint performance.

StoragePoint allows organizations the ability to offload unstructured SharePoint data, known as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), and move up to 95% of content from the underlying SQL database to alternate tiers of storage. Selective Restore Manager enables you to respond to recovery requests in minutes and have the ability to restore individual documents up to a site collection from native backups without building a recovery farm.

VSPEX provides virtual SharePoint infrastructures for customers looking to gain simplicity that is characteristic of truly converged infrastructures while at the same time gaining more choice in individual stack components.

If you’d like to learn more about Metalogix and EMC VSPEX, you can access pertinent resources by clicking here.