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September TweetJam: Security and Cloud Collaboration

Sep 18, 2013

By Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism, Metalogix

Metalogix TweetJam #CollabTalk

In a FastCompany article entitled How Rogue Mobile Workers are Putting Their Companies at Risk, collaboration and social technology strategist David Lavenda (@dlavenda) shares some of the business impacts identified through a recent United Sampling survey of 500 US businesses and IT workers, as well as from Gartner Research, that estimates a $2 billion dollar impact to businesses through corporate documents being stored on consumer-based cloud services. The research also identifies that 41% of workers had used an unsanctioned cloud service in the last six months despite corporate policies specifically against their use. Add to the mismanagement of internal content the recent high-profile data security leaks of cloud-based content management, and what you have is a perfect storm around the move toward the cloud.

While few organizations disagree that the future of software is moving toward a cloud-first strategy, many companies are trying to grapple with fact versus fiction about security impacts of working in the cloud. Recent news of major security breaches (such as the NSA leak)  is not helping the planning process. Some companies are delaying plans, while others are doubling-down on hybrid models that allow them to retain secure on premises solutions for sensitive intellectual property, while still taking advantage of cloud-based economies of scale for external collaboration needs.

The question these companies want to know: How secure is collaboration in the cloud?

On September 25th at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern, Metalogix will be hosting a TweetJam  focusing on the theme of “How Secure is Collaboration In the Cloud?” The security concerns surrounding cloud platforms are a top concern for many organizations looking to reduce costs and move key collaboration workloads to the cloud, and for this online event we’re assembling a group of experts to debate the topic and share real-world examples.

If you're new to the TweetJam model, it's fairly simple: using Twitter and a shared hash tag, a panel discusses a series of questions over the course of an hour, with other members of the community jumping in and joining the conversation in real-time. You can follow along with the TweetJam on Twitter by following the #CollabTalk hash tag, or you can go to to watch live or review comments after the event.

The questions we will be discussing are listed below:

How Secure is Collaboration In the Cloud?

Q1.         Are most organization ready to move to the cloud?

Q2.         Did the NSA data breach in the US by Snowden affect your near or long-term plans for the cloud?

Q3.         What are the key risks with moving to the cloud, and what can companies do to mitigate them?

Q4.         Which workloads are most effective in the cloud?

Q5.         How can Microsoft make their cloud options more viable?

Q6.         What 3 things should company’s prepare for in their move toward the cloud?

Q7.         What are your cloud predictions for the next 2 to 3 years? 

Joining our panel for this event include the following experts:

  • Jeffrey Schwartz, (@jeffreyschwartz), editor of Redmond Magazine and editor-at-large for Redmond Channel Partner magazine
  • Mark Fidelman, (@markfidelman), Forbes columnist, author, and ceo of Evolve! Inc. 
  • Antonio Maio, (@antonionmaio2), product manager at TITUS and SharePoint MVP
  • Eric Riz, (@rizinsights), evp at Concatenate and SharePoint MVP
  • Emilie Doolittle, (@emijoa), product marketing at Tibbr 
  • Ben Henderson (@ben3003), client services manager at Colligo 
  • Tom Resing, (@resing), systems engineer at Jive and SharePoint MCM and MVP
  • Maarten Visser, (@mvisser), business architect at Connected Systems
  • Chris Riley, (@hoardinginfo), technology evangelist at CloudShare
  • Michael Greth (@mysharepoint), SharePoint specialist and community leader, SharePoint MVP
  • Bradley Geldenhuys (@bradgcoza), SharePoint Jedi at GTConsult
  • Donna Shaw (@donnasueshaw), principal product manager at ViewDoLabs
  • with myself (@buckleyplanet) as host, evangelist at Metalogix and SharePoint MVP

These TweetJam events can be fast-paced and highly informative. Because of the topic, we expect heavy participation from the community, and encourage you to share your opinions during the session so that we can have a healthy dialog with many perspectives. Following the event, I will provide a summary blog post with key points made during the TweetJam.

See you online on the 25th!