Optimize SharePoint Storage & Backup

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Optimize SharePoint Storage & Shrink SharePoint Content Database

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StoragePoint is bizarrely easy to use. It’s just point, click and go. It’s really brilliant. I can’t say enough good things about what it did for us. We were able to offload 98% of the content to different, less expensive tiers of storage.
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Before StoragePoint, we were at that critical mass point. We were getting errors and things were getting a little shaky. When we went with StoragePoint and upgraded, those errors were gone and the time it took to move the database was cut significantly.
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Knowing that we’ve got good backups – from a granular level right up to an entire farm – is invaluable when it comes to managing risk and ensuring peace of mind. SharePoint Backup is our safety net!

Shrink Databases for High Performance
Enable large SharePoint deployments perform incredibly fast by shrinking SharePoint databases by up to 98%
Double upload and download speed of SharePoint content creating happier users
Supercharge full search crawls to let users easily find content for all mission critical uses
Backup SharePoint in Minutes
Backup SharePoint in minutes instead of hours or days
Automatically and continuously back up BLOBs to eliminate potential data loss
Simplify RBS backup with single-step, fast and comprehensive SharePoint backup
Cut SQL costs and admin headaches
Cut ongoing SQL maintenance costs and eliminate new SQL license fees as content growth accelerates
Move content from the SharePoint database to external, less expensive storage tiers, including SAN, NAS, CAS, or Cloud
Automatically balance cost and performance with Active Tiering based on your rules
Recover any item, list or site
Granular restore capabilities enables flexible, fast recovery management without need to setup a recovery farm
Restore individual documents and items for fast user support or prioritized recovery
Enable end-users to recover items directly from SharePoint UI