Optimize SharePoint Storage

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SQL - bulging to good - Lower cost, Faster Speed, Reduced Speed

The size of your SharePoint databases have spiraled out of control. Your users complain about slow performance. You continually buy expensive Tier 1 storage in a losing battle with SQL I/O bottlenecks. You need a full day to back up your SharePoint. Recovering your SharePoint content is either time intensive or out of your control. You need help. Solve these problems by shrinking SQL Server. With Remote BLOB Storage (RBS), you reduce database size by offloading content to less expensive tiers of storage, which also speeds up SharePoint. Metalogix StoragePoint is the first and only fully integrated SharePoint content storage, backup and granular recovery solution.



  • Shrink Databases by 95% and Increase SharePoint Performance
  • Expand your SharePoint Storage While Reducing Costs
  • Back Up your SharePoint in Mere Minutes, Not Days
  • Recover Documents and Site Collections with Ease

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Burst Ballooning Storage Costs

StoragePoint cost effectively expands SharePoint storage capacity by moving content from the database to external, less expensive storage tiers, including SAN, NAS, CAS, or Cloud. Keeping content in the database requires buying lots of database storage just to keep up with content growth. Storage costs skyrocket since database storage costs at least five times more than other storage. With StoragePoint, Active Tiering automatically balances cost and performance based on your rules. Learn More >

Unchain Uploads and Devour Downloads

StoragePoint supercharges SharePoint performance by steering clear of SQL Server for file uploads and downloads. Instead, it intercepts these requests at the SharePoint Web Front End and sends or retrieves files directly to or from the external BLOB store. Without BLOBs gumming up SQL like motor oil on a cold day, full search crawls become sprints. Learn More >

Shrink Sluggish SharePoint Databases

Microsoft recommends that SharePoint Content Databases not exceed 200 GB for active content. Why? Because Content files, or Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), such as presentations, PDFs and images, weigh down SharePoint content databases. Bloated databases slow search and file upload and download speeds. StoragePoint shrinks databases up to 95% by moving BLOBs outside of SQL Server using SharePoint's Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) and External BLOB Storage (EBS) interfaces. This bypasses SQL bottlenecks for BLOB I/O. Lean databases and fast content file I/O speed up SharePoint performance. Learn More >

Reset the Clock on All-Day Backups

StoragePoint automatically and continuously backs up BLOBs and integrates with SharePoint Central Administration backup. Since StoragePoint shrinks Content Databases by up to 95%, SharePoint can now be backed up within minutes instead of days. StoragePoint includes granular restore capabilities down to the document and item level that eliminate lengthy SQL Backup procedures and the need for additional expensive third-party backup and recovery tools. Learn More >

Optimize SharePoint Storage

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