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Respond to Individual SharePoint Document Restore Requests in Minutes

For many organizations, restoring an individual SharePoint document or list item forces administrators to rebuild their entire production database or deploy a temporary SharePoint recovery farm. This is now a thing of the past with Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint, which allows you to respond to recovery requests for individual document or list items from SharePoint backups in minutes.

Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint lets you connect directly to your native SQL Server backup files and navigate them as though they were live SharePoint sites. Using an intuitive, copy-and-paste-style user interface, you can recover document or list items, site collections and everything in between directly to their original location or a different SharePoint site. All related metadata, versions, views and permissions are preserved. No third-party, proprietary backup formats or costly dedicated hardware is required.

Don’t fret the next time you need to recover SharePoint data. Simplify your restore process with Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint.

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