SharePoint High Availability

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SharePoint High Availability

SharePoint is now a mission critical application for your organization. With users around the world collaborating on the same documents, your organization can only function at its highest level if SharePoint content is always available. But what happens in the case of a disaster? How will you prepare for power, hardware, network or software failures that cause downtime and haunt your nightmares? Overcome these challenges by constantly synchronizing your SharePoint content between locations or even over poor networks. Metalogix Replicator is the top SharePoint synchronization product on the market and provides you a complete SharePoint high availability solution.



  • Ensure SharePoint Content Is Always Available
  • Avoid The Need To Wake Up A Disaster Recovery Site
  • Provide Global Users Access To The Same Content
  • Distribute The Load Across Your SharePoint Farms

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Let Your Disaster Recovery Site Sleep

In traditional disaster recovery for SharePoint, you must maintain an idle backup site that waits until you experience a SharePoint outage. This creates additional overheard, cost and strain on your IT staff and budget. Avoid having to "wake up" your disaster recovery site by synchronizing SharePoint because your content is always on and always current. Learn More >

Distribute The Load - Improve Performance

When you operate multiple SharePoint farms in different locations, the possibility exists that your network will fail you and leave users without the access to content they need. You can overcome this hurdle with SharePoint replication because users can access any active SharePoint site. By doing so, the load is distributed across the farms and networks and ensures that none of your SharePoint investment is ever idle.
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Keep SharePoint Live Through Outages

There are many disasters lurking to bring down your SharePoint farm. From natural disasters to network or software failures to human error, the possibility exists that your SharePoint farm could be taken down at a moment's notice. To ensure disasters do not cripple your business, synchronize content between SharePoint farms, regardless of location or network. By synchronizing content, each of your farms is always on and live to give you peace of mind that your content is accessible during outages. Learn More >

Overcome the Challenge of Location

SharePoint is not only a critical application, it is a global application. For organizations with SharePoint farms distributed geographically across continents, users in different locations must access the same content and processes to be successful. Think about an expense report filed in Tokyo, approved by a manager in Paris and then paid by Accounting in New York – if content is not synchronized and an outage occurs, the process fails and your business suffers.
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SharePoint High Availability

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