Archive Manager
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Optimize Your Storage Environment - Slash Storage by up to 80%, Boost Speed and Reduce Backup Times by 50%

Metalogix provides easy to use and cost effective archiving solutions for Exchange and File Shares. We deliver the enterprise class comprehensive management, storage optimization, eDiscovery, data retention, and PST consolidation features you need, without the complexity.


Metalogix uses single-instance storage technology in every edition of its Archive Manager solution. Single-instance storage enables the automatic archival of only one instance of a document that has been saved multiple times – such as the same email attachment that has been sent to multiple people, or a presentation that has been stored in separate locations. When using multiple editions of Archive Manager Exchange and Files, federated search and single-instance storage can be performed across both environments to lower storage usage even further. Single-Instance files can be archived for greater storage efficiency using hierarchical storage management (HSM) where files with the lowest usage rates can be stored on less expensive storage systems.