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Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition is the market-leading, enterprise class Microsoft Exchange email archiving solution


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Award Winning Email Archiving

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No More Quotas: Unlimited Email

Archive Manager Exchange Edition delivers the enterprise class solution you need, without the complexity. You can automatically and transparently centralize, control and retain all your organization's email. Archive Manager Exchange Edition allows organizations to consolidate the disparate Exchange and Storage infrastructure to provide centralized lifecycle management with cost-saving efficiency. With the ability to reduce your email storage by up to 80% and reducing your email backup times by 50%, it's easy to see why we've archived more than a billion emails for over 4,000 clients worldwide.
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Archive Manager Exchange Edition is a very flexible Exchange email archiving product that helps with email retention and disposition at zero risk. Archive email until the maximum mailbox size is reached and provide an unlimited email box. You can set a threshold or maximum mailbox size limit – for instance, you can set to archive the mailbox at 90% of quota. There are multiple options for email archiving by age, size, type or class. You can set retention and disposition criteria or set scheduled email archive times, usually before your backup runs.

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PST Protection and Elimination

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True Single Instance Storage

PST files are created by end users to store their emails and keep them accessible. These underground archives are not the best primary storage location for mailbox data for many reasons. Archive Manager Exchange Edition collects, uploads, and archives PST files to protect them and make them available, even when working remotely. This is done without changing the end user's Outlook folder structure. They believe they still have PST files, but the administrator is working instead with an accessible and searchable archive of those files. This eliminates corrupted files, password-protected files and islands of information.

Metalogix Archive Manager provides true Single Instance Store (SIS) that automatically removes duplicate copies of a document going to multiple users -- unlike alternative Microsoft Exchange email archiving solutions. This frees up large amounts of corporate storage space and stabilizes the Microsoft Exchange Server by eliminating unnecessary data. The process can be performed either manually or automatically, as needed. The administrator can also make the PST files read-only to prevent more email from being added and eventually delete them, as the content is fully protected and available from the archive.

User Transparency and Productivity

End users don't see a difference in their Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience with Archive Manager Exchange Edition. They have no knowledge of the back-end email archiving process and continue working just as before. The icon changes only if you elect to stub email.
End users simply click on the stubbed email to open it and it appears in Outlook, just like a normal email. It doesn't tax your server until it is forwarded, however. End users can search through all the emails they have ever sent and received, then restore them from a single button on their desktop.

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Enable "Push-button" Search and eDiscovery

Archive Manager Exchange Edition allows you to produce emails on demand without pulling your staff into crisis projects. More importantly, it helps you protect your corporate brand. Email searches take minutes with Archive Manager Exchange Edition. Investigators can put selected groups of data on legal hold, suspending them from any disposition policy, conduct focused searches by name, data range, and specific words, including attachments, and highlight and "tag" results with comments, along with exporting the results for review.

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Disaster Management

Archive Manager Exchange Edition allows admins to archive parallel messages to two locations in real time, providing backup on the fly. Archived emails can be retrieved quickly from either location. The product supports continuous off-site replication for deploying data disaster recovery. Data replication creates a mirrored Microsoft Exchange server that continuously archives email onto storage media and offers instant retrieval. This archive can be connected to Microsoft Exchange servers that are local, remote, standby or new. The archived emails and attachments are accessible in seconds.

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Lifecycle Management

Removing older email from Exchange means backups can be completed in half the time.
Archive Manager Exchange Edition captures, routes, stores, restores, migrates and deletes emails automatically with its Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) archive engine. Its information management system controls the retention policy of each archived email. You can move the emails to less costly locations as their value changes over time. Short- and long-term email archiving allows admins to set retention categories for single messages, mailboxes, or distribution groups. Emails are moved to cost-effective long-term storage media at the set time. Once the retention time elapses, the messages can be optionally deleted unless they are on legal hold. The archive executes whatever terms your policy defines.

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Remote User Productivity

An optional feature of the archive provides your remote users with a local copy so they can be fully productive when they are offline. Archive Manager Exchange Edition keeps a copy of all emails, even stubbed email, on the laptop so remote users can work as efficiently as if they were in the office. We call it offline folder synchronization.


Archive Manager Exchange Edition

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