Top California Law Firm Achieves 10x Cost Savings by Implementing an Exchange Archive from Metalogix

One of Southern California’s top law firms reduced Exchange storage and backup windows by 50 percent while achieving a compliant, automatic email archive using Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

The Company

Since its founding, a prominent California law firm has worked hard to earn a superior reputation for personalized service, depth of experience, effective representation and reasonable fees.

The firm offers legal services in multiple areas including business litigation, real estate litigation, business and real estate transactions, manufactured housing, professional design and construction, intellectual property, automotive aftermarket, probate litigation and securities litigation.

The Challenge

When it comes to communication, the firm relies heavily on its email platform. Email correspondence is critical for the firm to comply with electronic discovery regulations and it needed to maintain email over a long period of time. But soon, the firm’s Exchange server was reaching its threshold limits and backups were taking too long to complete, which invited risk into the environment.

“Our options were to continue to expand with an Enterprise Exchange Server or to move to an archive solution,” explained the firm’s IT manager. “In the legal profession, you just don’t throw things away. We store data for a long time and compliance is a key concern for us.”

The firm chose to obtain a proactive email archiving solution to meet its email compliance needs. The solution needed to be cost-effective and offer strong retention policies, simplified discovery features and the ability to reduce their backup windows for more efficient email management.

The Solution

The firm began to evaluate email archiving solutions that would meet its criteria. At first, the challenge was that the solutions they looked at were not transparent to the end user and added another level of management complexity. That would make it difficult for users to find emails when they needed them and required detailed hands-on support from the firm’s small IT staff. Then they discovered Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

“With Metalogix, we were pleased to see that it was totally transparent to the end user,” said the IT manager. “They could have the same experience they’ve always had with email and Exchange – just click on the icon for the data they needed and it’s business as usual.”

The law firm was also happy with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition’s ability to easily set retention policies to meet their compliance needs.

As the IT manager explained, “All we do is point to the archive, set our retention policies for compliance and it’s done. For our human resources team, we can grab a mailbox for litigation hold if needed and lock it down so nothing is deleted. It’s an ‘autopilot solution.’ Just set it and forget it, there’s no need to look back.”

Now, finding a specific email doesn’t take weeks of costly searching by the IT staff. Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition enables anyone who has access privileges to search archived email easily and quickly. Legal holds can be applied to messages so that disposition is suspended. Auditors can tag emails to classify and export search results.

The Results

Since installing the Metalogix solution in 2009, the firm has seen dramatic cost savings. Not only was the company able to avoid adding more servers to solve its data growth problem, the firm has reduced its mailbox store by 50 percent and reduced its backup windows by 50 percent.

“It’s a very cost effective solution that gave us a 10x cost savings versus continuing to throw more servers at the growth problem,” said the IT manager. “The archive does all the hard work. There’s no IT management needed. It just works.”


  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition
  • Exchange 2007
  • 50 Mailboxes

“Archive Manager is a very cost effective solution that gave us a 10x cost savings versus continuing to throw more servers at the growth problem.”

IT Manager


Southern California

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