Cornerstone Systems Transparently Archives Email with Metalogix

Transportation logistics provider transparently archives email and reduces storage costs with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

The Company

Cornerstone Systems provide transportation logistic solutions by preparing inventive plans and carrying out accurate, time critical conveyance. The proper equipment and skilled staff are supplied to organize and handle the collection and delivery of particular goods.

Cornerstone base their business around their employees, their motto reads ‘Our business are our people’. By using advanced technologies, professional staff and reliable vendors, Cornerstone forms strong relationships with their customer base. Their internal structure is based around advanced communication activity between employees and clients that guarantees successful outcomes. Business activities are time sensitive and require pinpoint accuracy for the appropriate equipment and personnel to assemble in a specific location at a specific time to perform a specific task. If critical time frames between employees, vendors and clients are lost then delays and cancellations could jeopardize the projects entirety.

The Challenge

Managing the Exchange environment was the main dilemma facing Cornerstone and is a common motive to implement an email archiving solution. The exchange store had risen to 180GB which was causing major difficulties with system performance, backing up and restoring items.

The risk of system downtime was an escalating concern at Cornerstone, with the store rising to over 180GB, it was time for affirmative action to prevent system failure or data loss. The second challenge was to ensure the users were not disrupted in their everyday email activities by this implementation. Some archiving products require the user to open a new interface to view their email client which is an unfortunate necessity for the user. Cornerstone wanted the ordinary user not to be affected by the backend email archiving but have the opportunity for some super users to have access to archiving features from the Outlook client.

The Solution

Cornerstone Systems chose Metalogix Archive Manager - Exchange Edition to reduce the amount of data passing through the Exchange server. Archive Manager - Exchange Edition immediately cut the store in half and gave Cornerstone peace of mind that the server performance could sustain the data throughput.The advantage carried through to the end user as they experienced a better system performance in their Outlook client with mail transfer rates.

The stability of the Exchange environment was much improved with the installation as the threat of crashing was dramatically reduced. One ROI will be the cost savings of updating new storage media instead of new Exchange servers. Archive Manager - Exchange Edition uses long term and short term storage media to store the data, keeping it away from the Exchange server.

“The software is almost 100% invisible to the users. We do not have the client add-in feature in use except for a couple of super users. For the most part, the users do not have to do anything at all.“, Rodger Paxton, Network Administrator. Cornerstone required an email archiving solution that would allow various super users the opportunity to manually utilize the archiving features but not disrupt the email functionality for the ordinary user.

Archive Manager Exchange Edition allows the administrator to give multiple manual archiving rights to exclusive users. With the use of an MS Outlook Add-In, the Administrator can allow or deny every user various archiving rights such as: manual archive, restore, full-text search and view versions. For example, an Administrator could create a new mailbox user for audit inspection purposes and only assign the user with full-text search and view versions functionality.

For the majority of common users, the back-end archiving at Cornerstone Systems will have no effect on them. Archiving with Archive Manager Exchange Edition is a completely user transparent solution for the everyday employee; they will not need to learn or adjust to a new email client.

For super users the manual archiving features delegated to them are rolled out without any individual workstation installs or training needed. Internal policy manages how the super users are able to use the archiving features allocated to them which most likely will be for a specific cause, i.e. manual archive for users that occasionally receive very large sized emails.

The Results

The project was completed very quickly with the ROI for Cornerstone being realized much earlier than expected. After evaluating the product for thirty days, Cornerstone was more than happy to purchase the permanent license key and secure their Exchange environment.

“With [Archive Manager Exchange Edition], I know that I will receive excellent support every time I need it.“ Installing Archive Manager Exchange Edition at Cornerstone caused minimal stress for the parties involved. With every implementation of Archive Manager Exchange Edition software, the client is given the opportunity of three install methods; manually by the administrator (without Metalogix assistance), remotely with help from the Metalogix Support team or a technician can be hired for onsite installation (enterprise implementations).

Cornerstone decided to give the Metalogix Support technicians access to their servers and let them install Archive Manager Exchange Edition remotely. While the Metalogix technicians implemented the software they explained in-depth how and why they were configuring the set-up in that certain way. By doing this, the Cornerstone staff could understand the workings of the software and how it is integrated into the existing environment. The “teach while you install” method of implementing the software encourages the administrator to learn the particulars of the configuration in order for them to maintain and upgrade the product proficiently in the future.

“The implementation was a breeze. I basically gave the Metalogix techs access to my servers and they did all the work, explaining in depth what they were doing and why."


  • Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • 180GB of Exchange Data
  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

“[Archive Manager Exchange Edition] is almost 100% invisible to our users. We do not have the client add-in feature in use except for a couple of super users. For the most part, the users do not have to do anything at all.”

Rodger Paxton, Network Administrator, Cornerstone Systems


Memphis, Tennessee

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