Freedom House International Frees Users from Exchange Performace Issues with Metalogix Archive Manager

Non-profit shrinks user mailboxes from 10GB to just a half GB and eliminates performance issues with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

The Company

Walter Getz is the Assistant Network Administrator for Freedom House, a non-profit organization that seeks to ensure democracy and freedom by encouraging governments to adopt policies that advance human rights around the world. ( Getz has worked with Freedom House for three years and manages 250 email accounts worldwide for users working for democracy.

The Challenge

Getz’s biggest issue with email is that “users wanted to save their email forever because of its historical value. Many of them have emails from historic figures like Nelson Mandela in South Africa, or from leaders in places like China, Russia and Myanmar”. Freedom House’s organizational practice of never deleting emails had caused the server to slow down dramatically and users were frustrated at the slow pace and the time it took to access email from remote locations. Before choosing Metalogix, when Getz archived information, the server was centrally located in Washington, DC and users on the road were not able access to archived emails. Getz had a “bad headache” from many users complaining, including the CEO, and he needed to find a way to speed up the system, archive emails and still give users access to emails going back many years.

The Solution

Getz did some online research and came across Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition. Getz was looking for three primary things from a solution: 1) an Auto-Archive capability which could automatically create .pst files for older email while still enabling easy access to all archived email; 2) a product that wouldn’t lock Freedom House into proprietary technology; and 3) comparable functionality at an affordable price. Getz looked extensively at three commercially-available products. He selected Metalogix because “it met all our criteria including price, and in addition, was easy to use.”

The Results

Freedom House previously had users with 10GB mailboxes whereas, today, Getz is able to keep mailboxes to a size of 0.5GB and has “terabytes of storage left over to use for something else.” Since emails are compressed up to 80%, even the archive storage is less than 100GB and this too takes up less storage.

An unexpected benefit for Getz has been his time-saving on backups. With Metalogix there is far less data to backup, either on the Exchange server, or in archived storage, so backup is faster, and also uses less storage. Since Metalogix was implemented, Freedom House has upgraded to Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows 2008 Server.

User satisfaction is the greatest benefit for Getz. As he says “users can now archive without fear; they can dig into their emails and they’re never concerned about access to their old messages.” They also never complain about the system being slow.

In addition to user satisfaction, lower storage costs and faster backup, Freedom House has retained flexibility and control. First, the organization isn’t locked into Metalogix and doesn’t have to pay fees to be able to access archived data. With Metalogix, emails are stored in .pst format so that Freedom House could use any system in the future and still retain access to archives. Second, Getz has central control. He logs into one server and physically controls everyone’s email from one server without going to each individual system. This is even true for the users in the New York office which recently implemented its own email server with Metalogix Archive Manager.

As Assistant Network Administrator, Getz spends “hardly any time anymore with users on email problems.” From his point of view, “Metalogix has paid for itself” and his “bad headache” has gone away. Cost is down, overall control is up, backup is quicker and the organization’s email communications run smoothly. Freedom House can continue its mission uninterrupted by email issues. And Getz can focus elsewhere without being bogged down in complaints about slow email.


  • Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • 250 Mailboxes
  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

“Users can now archive without fear; they can dig into their emails and they’re never concerned about access to their old messages... and now they never complain about the system being slow.”

Walter Getz, Assistant Network Administrator, Freedom House International


Washington, DC

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