Health System Company Reduces Exchange Storage Costs While Preparing For Rapid Growth With Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

Expanding Texas Health System Improves Productivity for End Users, Compliance Officers and IT Staff By Optimizing Exchange Servers Archive and Data Protection with Metalogix

The Company

The health system company traces its origins to the early 1930’s when it was founded in response to a call from a local physician. Starting in a small 35-bed hospital, the organization has grown to 611 licensed beds in seven locations throughout Texas. The main facility, located in Eastern Texas, provides inpatient and outpatient care and major clinical specialties such as oncology, cardiovascular, and neurosciences for comprehensive inpatient and outpatient specialized care to cancer, heart, neurosurgery and neurology patients.

The Challenge

As a growing regional health system, the company had seen its email volumes grow exponentially. In 2005, their email met its threshold and its IT staff procured a new Exchange server. To protect it, they selected an email archiving solution from Symantec. However, they quickly determined that the management of the Symantec product was more than they could support.

“Once we had the Symantec product in place, we needed two full time folks for management,” said a network engineer, health system company. “It was just not a fit.”

After realizing the burden would be too much for IT staff, the company launched its search for a system that was easier to manage and maintain.

The Solution

The company’s IT staff began seeking an email archiving solution that could assure compliance and ease of use, while offering scalability to support its rapidly growing organization. The health system had seen its Exchange database grow five times as large in less than a year. Even with that significant growth, the amount of content in the database continued to expand. Today, the organization has 1,000 users and will move to 4,000 users by early 2012 as it enables more of its staff members to have email access so that the hospital can better communicate across different departments.

Ultimately, it selected Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition for its scalability, easy-tonavigate user interface and low-overhead management. Another key reason for choosing Metalogix was the simplified installation, which further eased the burden on IT staff.

“I installed the solution on my own and was up and running on the first day in about one and a half hours,” said the network engineer. “It was the easiest deployment I’ve ever done, bar none.”

The solution was also transparent for end users, an added bonus that reduced the strain on the company’s staff and helped ease the transition for the nearly 3,000 new staff members that would be using the email system.

“With Metalogix Archive Manager, users have no idea that their information is being archived, it’s totally transparent,” said the network engineer. “Plus, there is no down time and no frustrations and it’s very easy to manage.”

The network engineer has been particularly pleased with how well it supports the needs of its compliance team, doing so in a quick and effective manner.

“They rely heavily on Archive Manager to find critical documents and email threads,” said the network engineer. “In a short order of time, without a database restore, it’s all there at their fingertips and it removes IT from the equation. What used to take days to find, I can now find while eating my lunch.”

The Results

With Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition now in place, the health system company finds itself saving money while being prepared for dynamic growth. Not only is the organization now able to find things much easier – improving productivity for end users, compliance officers and IT staff – it has also seen a dramatic reduction in storage costs.

“I’ve done studies showing that 90 percent of our volume is junk that comes through the door,” said the network engineer. “Now I can protect our Exchange server from abusers of mailbox proliferation and keep mailbox sizes down so this junk doesn’t sit on our expensive primary SAN storage. This increases our performance and ease of management.”


  • 1,000 mailboxes moving to 4,000 mailboxes
  • Exchange 2007
  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

”I installed the solution on my own and was up and running on the first day in about one and a half hours. It was the easiest deployment I’ve ever done, bar none.”

Network Engineer, Health System Company



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