Iglu.com Improves Email Archiving and Reduces Storage Overhead By 50% With Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

U.K. Online Travel Agency Radically Cuts Email Costs and Improves Exchange Performance Thanks To Metalogix and Essential Computing Partnership

The Company

Founded in 1998, Iglu.com is an award-winning U.K.-based online travel agency specializing in winter sports vacations, villa holidays and cruises. It is renowned for providing customers with the best prices in the shortest possible time. Iglu is an independent agent offering customers access to 95 percent of U.K. ski and cruise inventory, enabling it to offer a “whole of market” suite of products alongside highly competitive prices and exclusive deals from major suppliers.

The Challenge

To maintain its competitive edge, Iglu must ensure visitors to its website up-to-the-minute availability and pricing, which involves managing frequently email updates from suppliers. Email also plays a major role in communicating with customers, both during and after a holiday purchase.

“Large spread sheets and database attachments received from suppliers, combined with the need to retain e-mail records for business reasons meant some of our mailboxes were getting out of hand – up to 10GB in size and beyond,” said James Goodman, ICT Manager, Iglu.com. “This was impacting the performance and the availability of our e-mail service, which we couldn’t afford to happen. If we can’t email information and e-tickets to our customers on time, we risk their holiday getting off to a bad start.”

With an annual storage growth rate of 2TB, the need to streamline its e-mail service, without compromising the security and accessibility of its e-mail records, led Iglu to look for an email archiving and discovery solution.

After looking at options, including the new personal archive service in Microsoft Exchange 2010, the company chose Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition, as recommended by archiving experts Essential Computing.

The Solution

Metalogix Archive Manager is the market leading e-mail and file archive solution for the mid-market. Through its powerful single instance and hierarchal storage management, administrators can meet compliance and performance requirements. Archive Manager is transparent to end-users, minimizes Exchange mailbox and unstructured content storage requirements, improves search and recovery at the e-mail and mailbox level and establishes an efficient and standardized eDiscovery workflow. Archive Manager simultaneously enhances Exchange performance and uptime, allowing for reduced server and administration costs and with continuous access to data.

Iglu chose Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition after discovering that the Microsoft Exchange 2010 personal archives did not deliver the storage savings they were looking for. Goodman said that Exchange 2010, at the time, could not separate the archive from the main database and Metalogix allowed Iglu to reduce its storage space overheads by more than 50 percent.

“As well as reducing storage costs, we’ve been able to redeploy the SAN we used for discovery restores, saving around £4,000,” explained Goodman. “We also no longer need the additional server we’d been using to maintain Exchange Journal archives.”

The smaller Exchange Stores after installing Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition meant faster recovery. Iglu’s growing Exchange stores were taking up to three days to backup. By archiving everything older than 30 days, the company has been able to reduce its restore times considerably.

Iglu has used Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition to apply a seven-year retention policy to its archived data as good business practice. Given the volume of data, the ability to move Iglu’s data between tiered storage options over time was a major consideration, as was the ability to extract its data if needed.

“We look for an exit strategy for all of the products we use, and Essential Computing offers this with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition,” said Goodman. “Other archive solutions did not easily allow bulk extractions.”

The Results

Before Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition was installed, Iglu’s IT team relied solely on users to ease the problem of growing e-mail storage. But this strategy was not working. With Metalogix, however, the company has been able to do away with mailbox quotas and its staff can carry on with their day without worrying about someone from IT chasing them to sort out their mailbox.

“Our users were terrified of the delete button,” said Goodman. “We instructed staff to clear down their mailboxes, but the idea of not having e-mail records at their fingertips sent them into a panic.”

The company has also been able to meet the demand for internal discovery requests, which happened about twice a month and proved to be a huge burden on the IT staff. For example, if emails had to be retrieved for a holiday booked more than a year ago, the IT staff would have to restore from tape to a spare SAN and it took a week before the search could even begin. With Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition, everyone in company can manage their own search and retrieval, dramatically cutting down on IT’s workload.

“In summary I would say Archive Manager Exchange Edition gave us what we needed at an attractive price,” said Goodman. “It was not top-heavy in features we wouldn’t use such as high-end discovery, but that’s not to say it compromised on functionality. Essential Computing’s engineers are also very knowledgeable and the project has gone well.”


  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • 2TB of email storage
  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

“In addition to reducing storage costs, we’ve been able to reallocate the SAN we used for discovery restores to alternative business use, saving in the region of £4,000. We also no longer need the additional server we’d been using to maintain Exchange Journal archives.”

James Goodman, ICT Manager, Iglu.com


Wimbledon, U.K.

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