Kahuna Ventures Eliminates Email PST Files and Improves Data Retention and Recovery with Metalogix

Natural Gas Consulting & Engineering Firm Reduces Email Storage Volume by 50%, While Dramatically Improving Email Backup and Management Processes with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

The Company

Formed in 1999, Kahuna Ventures began as an engineering consulting and project execution firm for the design and construction of a sour gas plant near Jackson, Mississippi. In 12 short years, Kahuna Ventures has grown from a one-employee company to an organization supporting a variety of clients ranging from midstream limited partnerships to major gas producers. Still intensely focused on project execution, Kahuna Ventures provides professional management services for gas producers in Western Colorado and Eastern Oklahoma.

The Challenge

With its longstanding history as a leading gas engineering and consulting firm, Kahuna Ventures employees often turn to information documented in their email communications for details on past projects. Employees need to access email information that might be years old to view historical details on a past project. As the years went on, email mailboxes and their associated PST files were growing larger to the point of being nearly impossible to manage. Some were topping 10GB and at risk of corruption.

“We needed to be able to access old emails, but their size in Outlook was too big to manage,” said Steve Russell, manager, Information Technology, Kahuna Ventures. “It was slowing down our employee’s ability to get to the email information they needed and slowing down our servers.”

In addition, Kahuna Ventures needed to implement a sound data protection and disaster recovery process for its email data by backing up emails to an offsite location so that it could be reliably protected. With that antiquated system, it could take weeks to recover a needed email. So in addition to the elimination of its troublesome PST files, Kahuna Ventures added remote backup to its email protection criteria. Russell and his team also wanted to be certain that email data was available for legal retention reasons for overall company protection.

The Solution

When Kahuna Ventures began its search for an email archiving solution it found the options very confusing. Many of the solutions they looked at were too complex to manage and required more resources than they wanted to use.

“We didn’t want to go through with the overhead created by most email archiving solutions that focused mainly on legal retention,” said Russell. “That’s when we were introduced to Metalogix. After looking at Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition, we narrowed it down very quickly and decided Metalogix was the best fit for what we were looking for.”

Kahuna Ventures was impressed that Metalogix included the legal retention features that competitors offered in a lighter weight implementation. Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition is a flexible solution for email retention and disposition. It collects, uploads and archives PST files to protect them and make them available, even when working remotely. The product features a familiar Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience so it is transparent and easy to use for users while providing complete email lifecycle management, capturing, routing, storing, restoring, migrating and deleting emails automatically based on company policy.

The Results

After installing Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition, Kahuna Ventures reduced its email volume by 50%, making it much easier to backup and manage to its offsite data center. The installation was fast and easy, taking just under two hours. Kahuna Ventures now has the email protection it needed without the management risk of burdensome PST files. Exchange data is reliably backed up and easier to recover by the users themselves, even for years-old email data.

“Metalogix resolved our primary concern and now our mailbox size is much more in control,” said Russell. “Right before we implemented the new solution, we did have a call for a legal retention recovery. After we had everything in place, it was good to see that I could have used Archive Manager for that recovery and it would have been so much easier.”


  • Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • 75 Mailboxes
  • 50GB of Email Storage
  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

“After looking at Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition, we were able to narrow it down very quickly and decided Metalogix was the best fit for what we were looking for.”

Steve Russell, Manager, Information Technology, Kahuna Ventures


Westminster, Colorado

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