Natixis Private Equity “Cashes In” on Metalogix Solutions to Realize the Full Power of Microsoft Environments

Private equity firm reduces e-mail storage costs and improves back-up and recovery times with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition and Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition.

The Company

Natixis Private Equity has more than 20 teams and 194 investment professionals throughout Europe (Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands) and in extremely high- potential markets such as Brazil, China, India, Singapore and the United States. It holds a portfolio of more than 695 investments with £1.5 billion currently under management. With such a large portfolio of assets and commitments at stake, Natixis needs to ensure it can respond to market changes and customer requests in real time. Employees rely on core IT services such as e-mail to ensure their jobs are done in a timely manner that satisfies customer requests, while complying with industry regulations.

The Challenge

For Natixis, the ability to effectively archive and retrieve both e-mail and files is essential to its business success. The company needs a way to archive non-active files and e-mails and retrieve them quickly for business and compliance purposes. Archiving ensures that non-critical files and e-mails don’t slow performance. Easy retrieval ensures that companies don’t lose access to information that could be needed for business processes as well as compliance with industry and government regulations.

As recently as this year, Natixis was holding onto 700 GB of PST files for 300 users – and this number was growing at 30% per year. This volume filled the Exchange Server quickly, slowing end-user productivity and causing Microsoft Outlook to become unstable. The company also experienced significant difficulty in sharing PST e-mails between work groups and -- more importantly – between managers and direct reports. Additionally, Natixis had more than two million documents on shared drives – with more than 10,000 of them requiring monthly access for business purposes. The company also faced a significant issue in backing up Windows files.

Natixis needed to move in a different direction. The ultimate goal was simple: How could they solve these issues while minimizing disruption to users’ work habits or behaviors? How could they improve performance while ensuring seamless upgrades? The answer was Metalogix.

The Solution

Originally, Natixis was relying on Autonomy ZANTAZ Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) to provide consolidated archiving for capture and preservation of e-mail messages, files, and documents. But Natixis soon found that support and flexibility – as well as search functionality – quickly became an issue for their environment. Natixis found the answer they were looking for in Metalogix’s archiving solutions for Files and Exchange:

Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition: Natixis leveraged Archive Manager Exchange Edition to dramatically shrink e-mail storage costs, as well as to reduce back-up and recovery times. This empowers Exchange admins to get their jobs done faster with minimum disruption to staff time and priorities. Key to the solution is its ability to eliminate e-mail quotas, archive and eliminate the need for PST files when necessary, and put in place solid plans for disaster and lifecycle management.

More importantly, the solution’s e-Discovery capabilities ensure that Natixis can comply with industry standards or legal requirements quickly and effectively. Archive Manger - Exchange Edition accomplishes this seamlessly, and Natixis end-users never see a difference in their Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience. While Natixis users have no knowledge of the back-end e-mail archiving process, they can easily search through every e-mail ever sent and received and restore them with a click of the button.

Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition: This solution provides Natixis with an integrated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) engine that drives the archiving process to control file lifecycle management. The solution immediately connects to overburdened file servers and stores documents on separate and cost-effective storage media. Users can set file archiving jobs for specific times – and by specific criteria – as well as control the length of time files are archived to comply with industry regulations.

Leveraging the solution’s Single Instance Storage, Natixis knows that only one instance of multiple saved items is archived, which dramatically reduces storage space. Natixis leverages the solution’s automatic versioning control to ensure that only one of multiple edited files is considered “new” – essential for successful e-Discovery. Metalogix also allows file management on a global basis on multiple file servers around the world with archived files easily accessible via the Web from any location. Finally, the solution’s ability to conduct parallel archiving on many different storage devices gives Natixis the peace of mind that – should a file server malfunction – the ease-of-retrieval minimizes the pain of disaster recovery.

The Results

Natixis realized significant cost reductions for e-mail storage, as well as dramatic improvements in backup and recovery times. The average Metalogix customer notes a reduction in storage costs by as much as 80 percent and a reduction in backup and recovery times by 50 percent. The solution’s ability to effectively store and archive files and e-mails gives customers like Natixis a path to slim down their bloated file servers, resulting in more cost effective storage, the ability to recover and utilize archived files more easily and meet requirements for recovery from a power disaster.

Working with Metalogix, Natixis was able to control the more than two million documents on file shares, 10,000 of which required monthly access. With Metalogix, Natixis is archiving two terabytes of file content, dramatically reducing backup time. Additionally, Natixis was able to effectively create “no quota” mailboxes with no e-mails present on the Exchange network. The solution effectively eliminated the company’s 700 GB of PST files on network shares, which was growing at an unwieldy rate of 30 percent each year. This stabilized Outlook and better enabled users to search and share PST files across groups. Additionally, Metalogix was able to streamline the support process since e-mail issues accounted for nearly 20 percent of user calls to the help desk.

Moving forward, Natixis will continue to evolve its Metalogix implementation, with a goal of looking toward implementation and effective usage in the company’s virtual environment deployments in 2011.


  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition
  • Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition
  • 300 users
  • 700 GB of PST files
  • Two terabytes of files

“Plain and simple, Metalogix gives us the power to more effectively run our business.”

Brice Delons,
IS Manager, Natixis Private Equity


Paris, France

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