Sportif USA Transparently Automates the Archiving and Protection of Large Outlook Mailboxes with Metalogix

Leading outdoor clothing innovator reduces email management costs while delivering seamless protection and recovery of emails for its data-intense Outlook users with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

The Company

In 1965, Sportif USA began as a small business in Southern California, headed by John G. Kirsch. In true entrepreneurial style, Kirsch sold tennis shorts from the back of the family’s station wagon, gradually building a reputation for quality and comfort. As this reputation grew, so did the market for high-quality outdoor clothing.

Today, Sportif USA is a leading innovator in the outdoor clothing industry. One of the first companies to utilize Gore-Tex and sun-protective fabrics, Sportif USA is a premier manufacturer and private label provider for top clothing companies including Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean.

The Challenge

As a company that is heavily invested in its technology infrastructure, Sportif USA relies on automation. The company’s No. 1 business application is email. It is used widely throughout the organization, but most heavily by the company’s production department. New clothing designs and plans, including design sketches, are emailed back and forth to customers. It is common for individual emails to have attachments of a couple hundred MBs, which quickly created an unmanageable problem.

“Emails for just one of our users were topping 11GB,” said Bruce Cunningham, Network Administrator, Sportif USA. “People were trying to use the built-in archiving in Outlook, but that only allows 2GB per folder. Some of our users get that much data in just two weeks. The solution was just not working for us.”

For Sportif USA, it was about sheer logistics. Their Exchange server wasn’t built to manage 11GB mailboxes and its performance was rapidly deteriorating. So, finding an email archiving solution became a top priority.

The Solution

Sportif USA evaluated a number of solutions, but only Metalogix met its criteria. The company found that most products would archive Exchange over to another server, creating two copies and requiring a web portal to access the migrated data. Changing end-user workflow for data access wasn’t something Sportif USA wanted to do. Other products focused on compliance features that were too complex and beyond what Sportif required. Sportif selected Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition and attained the balanced solution they needed.

“For me, Metalogix was the only product that achieved what I needed,” said Cunningham. “Most of the other solutions were a step in the wrong direction. I have more large mailboxes than I’ve ever seen in one place. Metalogix has been a Godsend by putting in a message stub, so that it looks like the email is still there to the user, linking them to the message on the archive. It was a pretty easy purchase decision once we found it.”

Archive Manager Exchange Edition has allowed Sportif USA to consolidate separate infrastructure and operations for different user data platforms, eliminating redundant backup and recovery processes and streamlining security and control of user data.

The Results

Sportif USA has now had the Metalogix solution in place for two years and continues to be pleased with how it has automated their email archiving. What has been even more pleasing is that having Archive Manager eliminated the need for Sportif USA to purchase another Exchange server, saving $10,000 or more.

“Metalogix made it very economical,” added Cunningham. “It’s a great product and the support’s been fantastic. The guys at Metalogix went above and beyond the call of duty. They have been terrific.”

Now Sportif USA has an automated solution for email archiving – no matter how large their users email boxes get. Even better, users have immediate search and recovery access to any of the emails the may wish to retrieve without putting any added burden on the IT department staff – improving productivity and data protection across the board.


  • Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition
  • Exchange 2007
  • 50 Mailboxes

“Metalogix has been a Godsend by putting in a message stub, so that it looks like the email is still there to the user, linking them to the message on the archive.”

Bruce Cunningham, Network Administrator, Sportif USA


Sparks, Nevada

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