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True Single Instance Storage

Single Instance Storing automatically archives only one instance of a document that has been saved multiple times. Archive Manager Files Edition checks whether identical files have already been saved by means of Single Instance Method (MD5 check sum logic). This avoids multiple versions of the same file and significantly reduces storage space. Authorized users can still access and edit the document as usual.

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Disaster Management

Parallel archiving of files onto many storage devices provides high availability and functions primarily as a backup file system. Should a file server malfunction, the effortless restore functionality of Archive Manager Files Edition allows an administrator to retrieve archived files to a target server. File restoration jobs are easily managed from the archive to the MS-System File Server.

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Award Winning File Archiving

Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition is the leading file archive software for the mid-market and delivers the enterprise class solution you need, without the complexity. It connects to overworked file servers and re-directs documents onto separate, more cost-effective storage tiers. The file archiving solution controls how long messages are archived in accordance with industry, government, and internal regulations.

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Flexible File Archiving Methods

File archiving jobs can be set for pre-determined times. The IT Administrator can manage the time period of these jobs by specified criteria: for documents of a certain type, those that exceed a certain size and age, or documents from particular users. Archive Manager Files Edition adds various filters to jobs for specific file system archiving options.

User Transparency

Authorized users can administer their own file system by manually archiving and restoring documents. Ordinary users are not affected by the file archiving process; they remain completely unaware of the Archive Manager Files Edition installation. The user interface is unchanged and the users' daily file processes are unaffected.

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Automatic Versioning

If an archived document is accessed and edited, Archive Manager Files Edition recognizes the amendments and automatically stores the revised document as a new version. Authorized users can then view the different instances, new or original, of that document. This prerequisite archiving is central to compliant storage management and retrieving files for e-Discovery.

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Compliance Management

The IT Administrator can set retention times on documents for complete control of the file lifecycle with regards to litigation. After designating a file with a deletion time, the admin can assign a "keep-alive period" that issues a warning when the retention time is reached and the file is about to be deleted from the archive. Compliant storage media can be installed to ensure the files are not tampered with while stored.

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Global File Management

Manage multiple domains of File Server environments in different locations around the world. Create file archiving jobs from remote servers and replace stored files using HTML shortcuts. Network flexibility and offsite systems improve the adaptability of file archiving infrastructures. Archived files are easily accessible via the web portal from worldwide locations.

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Archive Manager Files Edition

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