Distributed Migration

A user to identifies a base machine (Controller) that remotely and silently installs Content Matrix on a set of other machines (Agents) that are all linked together in the back-end. All jobs built on the Controller will be queued up and distributed out to the Agents as they become available.

Simple Setup

Easily connect to SharePoint in the way that best suits your needs – farm, site, database, etc. – based on your migration scope. Once this connection is made, this becomes the starting point for all migrations instead of having to connect and configure at each site, each time.

Connect directly to your SharePoint 2013 & 2016 on-premises farm or SharePoint Online site collection using Microsoft's API. This makes it extremely easy to begin your migration to Office 365.

No Server Side Install

No Server Side Install

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Choose what to Migrate

You can easily select all the different elements for a migration. Depending on what you selected to migrate, we have multiple migration options that provide more flexibility and granularity of control.

Keep Current Farm Running

You can keep your current SharePoint running while migrating sites and content in multiple batches by adding only new content or changed items. This gives you the flexibility to run large migrations over a weekend while running smaller, incremental migrations overnight you are ready to completely switch to your new farm.

Site Collection Migration

Other migration tools require certain things to already exist on the target, e.g. an empty site collection or document library. With Metalogix Content Matrix, you can create and configure these items during a migration, thus consolidating the process into a single operation. You have the ability to restructure SharePoint as you migrate sites or site collections to new locations.

Clean Before Migration

If your site collections are too big or a site has grown to the point it should be a site collection, you can reorganize your current farm prior to migration. This ability will dramatically simplify and speed up your SharePoint migration project.