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Permissions, Auditing, Reporting & Governance Policies for SharePoint

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ControlPoint manages SharePoint governance, permissions, auditing and reporting for SharePoint administration.
Prevent SharePoint Data Breaches

Prevent SharePoint Data Breaches

Take Action on Sensitive Content

Take Action on Sensitive Content


The data breach landscape requires more than relying on permissions and access controls to secure content. ControlPoint helps you stay ahead by using machine learning to analyze and detect suspicious activities, including excessive downloads and unusual login attempts by location. SharePoint Administrators are automatically notified, and users are locked out when suspicious activity is detected.

When combined with the new Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager solution ControlPoint can alert, quarantine, or remove files containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data. Custom workflows can be architected with ease to enforce the corporate compliance lifecycle while reducing the workloads on SharePoint administrators, content owners and compliance officers.

Confidently Manage Permissions

Confidently Manage Permissions

Audit User & Admin Actions

Audit User & Admin Actions


Ensure permission policy compliance, prevent security breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive content. Audit, clean-up and manage SharePoint permissions and users from ControlPoint’s single console across all sites, site collections, or farms. Analyze and manage all aspects of permissions whether they are directly assigned, inherited or granted through Active Directory or SharePoint groups.

Respond to audit requests in minutes not days. Know who accessed your sensitive content during the last week or month. ControlPoint’s powerful features take the pain out of complex and time-consuming compliance, auditing and reporting tasks. Identify user or administrator activity with unparalleled granularity – from configuration changes to documents accessed.

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Single Console for SharePoint On-Premises & Office 365 including
OneDrive for Business

On-premises, Office 365 or hybrid SharePoint deployment? Adopting OneDrive for Business? Single or multiple farms? Use ControlPoint to manage and administer them all from one place. ControlPoint is MSO-CAF certified and pre-approved by Microsoft for Office 365 Dedicated environment.

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Automate Site Creation & Delegate Governance

Reduce risk, maintain compliance and take control of who can do what in SharePoint with ControlPoint’s site provisioning and policy enforcement features. Enable users to automatically create sites with approved access privileges, use of versioning, file upload limits, site quotas and the use of site templates. Save time by delegating control to discrete site administrators or power users.

Icon Clean-Up SharePoint Content

Clean-Up SharePoint Content

As SharePoint grows in volume and complexity, ControlPoint helps you manage change, remove irrelevant or unused information and take action to prevent SharePoint sprawl keeping your environment clean and organized. You can also streamline your migration plans by optimizing storage and eliminating dormant content.

Icon Speed_Up_Administration_Tasks

Speed Up Administration Tasks

ControlPoint lets you quickly respond to requests and take action faster. Need a list of all the documents a user accessed within the last 90 days? Simple. ControlPoint will generate a report in seconds. As one client said, “it makes getting information out of SharePoint 1,000 times faster.”

Icon Enforce_Consistent_Experiences

Enforce Consistent Sites & Experiences

Enhance user adoption of SharePoint and maintain a consistent experience across your environment. ControlPoint makes it easy to create sites and apply policies for site theme, site collection administrator, quotas, even regional or versioning settings across any number of site collections, sites or lists.

Icon Monitor_User_Adoption

Monitor User Adoption

Discover your most valuable information, and your least, by monitoring individual user activity. In ControlPoint it’s easy to determine exactly who is accessing which documents. Use this insight to investigate or set permission policies and discover best practices to improve user adoption elsewhere.

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