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For more than a decade, Metalogix Tools and engineers have been trusted by thousands of clients to ensure that SharePoint is continuously operational. Metalogix Diagnostic Manager is the only monitoring and diagnostic tool built specifically for SharePoint. It continually monitors SharePoint performance and availability so that you can spot issues before they become problems.

View your entire SharePoint environment from a single console. Monitor, identify, and diagnose performance and availability for every part of SharePoint, including SQL, search and content databases. Pinpoint under-performing servers and pages, all from a single dashboard, no matter where your servers are located or how many you have.

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Quickly Anticipate Problems

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Engineered by Experts


Using historical data and trends, Diagnostic Manager intuitively identifies potential issues. Take advantage of our years of experience and expertise, and our top-rated support, to customize reports based on issues specific to your environment. Get to the problem fast, and eliminate the need for lengthy explorations and investigations of your SharePoint environment.

Engineered by experts, backed by our award-winning 24x7 client support, and reinforced by our strategic partnerships with Microsoft and others, Diagnostic Manager is a fast, easy, and automated way to proactively monitor mission-critical SharePoint.

Integrated, SharePoint-hosted Dashboards

No scripting involved. Diagnostic Manager integrates seamlessly into SharePoint so you can monitor without delay.
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Complete SQL Insight

Diagnostic Manager provides all the SQL Server insight you need, including configuration options and database fragmentation. See how your databases are allocated across drives and perform capacity planning using data and log file growth trends.

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Powerful Page Control

Quickly diagnose page performance with a powerful collection of page control elements. Easily isolate issues with page loading, execution, or rendering of individual page elements. Identify the worst performing HTML controls, web parts, and web controls by quickly analyzing load time, size, and type.

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Easy to Install

Get started in less than 30 minutes. There’s no script development involved and built-in default options make monitoring easy. Download a Free Trial and run your own health check and see for yourself how quickly you can be monitoring your entire SharePoint environment.


Diagnostic Manager

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