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Email Migrator

Migrate and Archive

Metalogix Email Migrator migrates legacy email archives and live email using the multi-award winning Metalogix migration engine. Migrator is unobtrusive with nothing installed on the target, Exchange or source servers - and can run as a background process, making it effectively invisible to the end-user of the legacy archive or live email system. Migrator is the combination of Metalogix Content Matrix and Archive Manager – two of the most used and trusted SharePoint migration and Exchange archiving technologies available today.

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Metalogix Email Migrator mitigates the risk and complexity of standard archive migration methods and provides a permanent chain of custody for legal compliance. Corporate email users require a dedicated archiving solution to meet ever growing compliance needs and manage large amounts of sensitive company information. A direct source to target migration provides organizations with a tamper-proof, high-speed flow of content whilst maintaining the necessary chain-of-custody for every item migrated. Results are summarized and presented in a post-migration audit log.

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Speed matters

Metalogix Email Migrator can be effortlessly backed-up, managed and monitored throughout the whole archive migration process. Multi-threaded migration tasks can be carried out in parallel on different servers, which improves migration speed whilst maintaining data integrity. The asynchronous migration architecture reduces the classic transfer bottlenecks and advanced scanning calculates the migration process for each archived item between the source and target.

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Legacy Archive Migration

There are a number of key factors that need to be considered when migrating from existing email archiving solutions. Metalogix Email Migrator carries out the email archive migration process while allowing end users continued access to important legacy email. The award winning migration tool guarantees high-performance and processes a wide range of granular criteria. Email is copied straight from the archived source and written directly into Archive Manager and shortcuts are converted on the fly. Administrators can instantly take advantage of the latest Archive Manager feature set including advanced storage management and mixed environment control.

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Get Ready to Move

Metalogix Email Migrator is managed from one single admin console. No lengthy and expensive consultation services. Easy to use out-of-the-box functionality.

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Supported Systems On-Premises or Cloud

Metalogix Email Migrator is a single product for migrating a wide variety of messaging systems and legacy archiving solutions both on-premises or in the cloud. The current version supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC Emailxtender, GFI MailArchiver and Mimosa NearPoint with more sources and targets to come this year.

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Easy Installation, Configuration and Administration

Email Migrator is easy to install and configure. It is designed to connect directly to the source system of choice and provide as much out-of-the-box functionality as possible.

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Zero Downtime

Its business as usual for end-users. Email Migrator converts shortcuts on the fly including legacy stubs and provides a positive migration experience for both end users accessing their mailbox or IT Admins migrating large volumes of mail.

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Zero impact on users - even in 24 x 7 environments.
Fast, direct migrations from various sources
Conversion of legacy shortcuts (stubs)
Complete auditing of each individual item migrated ensuring chain-of-custody.
Enables rationalization of different archive technologies into a single environment.
Reduces storage costs by consolidating data & enabling selective migrations.
Enables organizations to take advantage of the latest archive platforms and strategies (e.g. new Exchange versions and cloud)

Ensures ability to meet compliance needs
Comprehensive logging capabilities
Highly scalable architecture and multi-threading means asynchronous jobs can be run in parallel and increase the migration speed

Source archives remain intact throughout the entire process with the ability to rollback if required


MS Exchange Readers Choice 1st Runner up