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Metalogix Replicator syncs mission-critical SharePoint content for high availability and disaster recovery
Sync Critical Operations Centers

Sync Critical Operations Centers

SharePoint High Availability

High Availability for SharePoint

Collaboration is mission-critical, but keeping SharePoint in sync across increasingly complex and rapidly growing operational environments isn’t easy. Replicator is built to handle collaboration platforms in extraordinary conditions. Synchronize SharePoint farms wherever they’re located – even over challenged or low bandwidth networks. Benefit from the confidence of knowing that SharePoint is always in sync even during complex migrations, mergers, or anytime you need to share content outside your network.

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For more than a decade, Metalogix Tools and engineers have been trusted by thousands of clients to ensure that their SharePoint content is always operational and available. During this time we’ve offered several industry firsts, including Metalogix Replicator – the first tool to replicate content over limited bandwidth and ensure the continuous availability of SharePoint environments. Replicator provides a safety net for organizations that demand mission-critical reliability by ensuring uptime and minimizing data loss during power, system or network failures, and planned outages.

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Live Bi-directional Replication

Live Bi-directional Replication

Replicate between any SharePoint versions icon

Replicate Between any Version

Give users access to up-to-date and in-sync content wherever they are and whenever they need it. Sync content as soon as changes happen or on a regular schedule. Synchronize content between large multiple Geo-dispersed  farms. Replicator works through firewalls so you can easily extend collaboration to external business partners and customers, without compromising security.

Metalogix Replicator was the first purpose-built synchronization tool for SharePoint and is supported by our world-class Client Support and leverages our partnerships with key SharePoint vendors and Microsoft. Our years of experience with SharePoint, allows Replicator to synchronize content between any version or edition of SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, ensuring your critical content is available during migrations, mergers or acquisitions.

Install and Use within SharePoint

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Replicate to and from the Cloud icon

Replicate to and from the Cloud

Replicate all or some of your SharePoint content to Azure, Amazon or other cloud providers. Replicator's fast synchronization and low bandwidth requirements make it the ideal SharePoint replication solution to extend content to the cloud.

Control what Content is Replicated icon

Control what Content is Replicated

Replicator fits right in with your security, compliance, and permissions management policies. Easily configure Replicator to grant users access to all or just certain content. Replicator delivers the right content, including customized workflows, such as Nintex, to different divisions and locations. Using a centralized, master content database you decide what to share across remote farms, with granularity from entire web applications to specific list item.

Prioritize SharePoint Sync Based on Rules icon

Prioritize Sync Based on Rules

Use Replicator’s rules feature to rank what replicates first, because your financial data is more important than company party pictures. Classify and prioritize content based on important site collections, list items or metadata such as document type, file size, or file name. Ensure the most important content is available and distributed on time.

Conflicts? What Conflicts? icon

Handle Conflicts

Resolve document version conflicts according to rules you define, either manually or automatically. For example, if the date on an inbound item is older than the date on an existing item, specify whether to skip it, replace it, or create a report for further review. Email team members about conflicts for faster resolution.

Visually Manage Your SharePoint Replication icon

Visually Manage Your SharePoint Replication

Simplify the management of replication tasks and activities with an intuitive interface. View your entire SharePoint layout to verify and monitor the status of all your SharePoint replication activity over multiple servers and across distant farms. Drill down to see detailed traffic information and view replication trends by day, week, or month. Confidently know where your documents are in your SharePoint landscape.

Easy to Install and Try  icon

Easy to Install and Try

Replicator is designed with ease in mind and installs in minutes. It connects directly to SharePoint in minutes without the need to manage separate software or purchase additional hardware. Most importantly, it's easy to learn and use. Download the Replicator Free Trial or take it for a Test Dive and see for yourself how quickly you can be up and replicating.



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