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The Easy Way to Recover SharePoint Content - Find, compare and restore deleted SharePoint items without a recovery farm

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Works with Your Backup Tool

Selective Restore Manager can restore SharePoint items from native, free backups created by SQL Server, STSADM Castatrophic Backup, or SharePoint Central Administration Farm Backup, as well as standalone backup and restore solutions such as Microsoft's Data Protection Manager— or even third-party backup platforms. Read a case study >

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Flexible SharePoint Restore

Generate full-fidelity restorations of specific sites, document libraries or individual items and restore them to the same location, to a different site or site collection, or to a new SharePoint server. Don't like the previous structure? Restructure and reorganize content or sites exactly how you want.

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Recover Lost Content Quickly

You backup SharePoint in case hardware fails, software crashes, or users accidentally delete important work. But recovering items from a backup is a painful, time consuming and expensive process. With Selective Restore Manager, you can avoid duplicating your entire SharePoint environment. Simply point Selective Restore Manager to a backup file and restore just the items you need.

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SharePoint Restore with High-fidelity

When Selective Restore Manager restores content and site structures, it also restores critical metadata. That means views, version chains, workflows, permissions and authorship are restored and associated with the content. Restore SharePoint with confidence that your users will find themselves right back where they started.

Browse and preview items before you restore

Browse restored SQL Server backups as if they were live SharePoint sites. You can even preview documents before restoring to confirm that you've found what you're looking for. It's as easy as navigating file folders in Windows Explorer. No special tools are required and no catalogs need to be generated. Watch a Selective Restore Manager demo >

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Compare before restoring SharePoint

Compare two restored backups or a backup and a live SharePoint site with Selective Restore Manager's differential reporting capability. Instantly see what has been added, modified or deleted. Now you can make informed choices about what should — or should not — be overwritten.

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Get started in just minutes

Selective Restore Manager is a desktop application that installs in minutes. It doesn't require a separate hardware server, Java application server or other resources.

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Selective Restore Manager

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