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SharePoint Backup provides total backups for SharePoint disaster recovery and restore.
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Total SharePoint Backup

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Lightning-Fast Backup

SharePoint Backup is purpose built to protect your entire SharePoint environment, providing a coordinated capture of data tied to content databases, service applications, search data, and farm configuration. Our SharePoint backup uses enterprise-class Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) technology, lightning-fast file operations, powerful compression algorithms and encryption to rapidly create backup sets that are highly compact and secure.

Backing up and restoring content should be simple and easy. SharePoint Backup uses an innovative and powerful IntelliSearch™ engine that searches across multiple backups in a way that takes minutes, not days. With SharePoint Backup, you’re using the most powerful search tool in the industry to quickly retrieve everything from entire site collections to individual documents with only a couple of clicks.

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Fast Granular or Farm Restore

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Restore from existing backups

Recovery shouldn’t halt productivity. With wizards designed for every level of SharePoint experience, users can quickly retrieve anything from entire site collections to individual documents with only a couple of clicks. Site collection administrators can recover and resume work without delay, and farm administrators can reclaim time previously spent on recovery requests.

SharePoint Backup adapts to your operation, not the other way around. Its flexible scheduling engine protects your content based on how often critical information changes. Our product takes efficiency even further, leveraging storage locations throughout your enterprise. Metalogix SQL safe compression and IntelliCompress™ engines keep backup sets small.

UI Anyone Can Use

SharePoint Backup’s management console was designed to be easy-to-use by anybody regardless of their level of SharePoint expertise.

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Self-Service Recovery

Search for sites, folders, or documents across multiple backups using the innovative and powerful IntelliSearchâ„¢ engine to quickly retrieve results. Restoration operations that used to take prohibitively large amounts of time can now be accomplished in minutes.

Efficiently Manage Backup Storage

Efficiently Manage Backup Storage

In addition to our time-saving IntelliSearch engine, SharePoint Backup only backs up content that has changed or is new. Our product saves your organization from wasting large amounts of disk space with lengthy backup operations and unnecessary backups of unchanged, duplicated data.

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Peace of Mind with Flawless Security

Active Directory integration is central to SharePoint Backup’s non-proprietary approach to security. When the product is installed, it is secure by default. Enforcement of standard SharePoint policies and permissions prevents malicious users from abusing the product to bypass access control checks and gain access to sensitive SharePoint data and content they should not be able to see. Plus, internal security functions, such as password management, are compliant with the FIPS 140 Federal Information Processing Standard.


SharePoint Backup

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