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Content Lifecycle Management Solutions for SharePoint, Exchange, Cloud

Metalogix delivers high-performance solutions to scale and cost-effectively manage, move, store, archive and protect enterprise content. Our customers maximize their Microsoft infrastructure investments with our intuitive, high quality solutions that increase the usability and performance of their business-critical applications. Metalogix embraces Microsoft standards and enables organizations to reduce administrative and storage costs while minimizing operational risks associated with their growing Microsoft content.

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Manage your existing con- tent with Metalogix solu- tions and take full advan- tage of the cost savings of an ideal information archi- tecture.


Metalogix solutions enable you to move SharePoint content from one location to another without disrup- tion, including to the Cloud.


Store SharePoint content on less expensive storage tiers to optimize perform- ance and lower costs with Metalogix.


Archive business-critical content with Metalogix to meet compliance require- ments for policy manage- ment and eDiscovery.


Protect your valued Microsoft SharePoint®and Exchange® content with Metalogix.

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