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Move to Office 365

Migrate to Office 365 with a single solution to move Email, Files, and SharePoint

icon - Move safely to office 365
  • Prepare to Move Email, Files and SharePoint
  • Migrate to Exchange Online
  • Consolidate File Shares, Google Drive, & Box
  • Migrate to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
  • Enhance Cloud Security and Management

SharePoint Migration & Management

Migrate and Manage Content and Metadata in SharePoint 2013

  • Prepare and Cleanup SharePoint
  • Fast, Flexible and Scalable Migration
  • Migrate From Multiple Sources
  • Stay Organized & Healthy
Migrate to Sharepoint 2013

SharePoint Security, Compliance and Administration

Permissions Management, Auditing, Reporting, Governance and Compliance for SharePoint

Ensure Security and Compliance for SharePoint
  • Audit and Fix Security Issues
  • Improve Administration Efficiency
  • Manage Growing Complexity
  • Ensure & Maintain Compliance

Optimize SharePoint Storage & Backup

Slash SharePoint content database costs, improve performance and reduce backup times

  • Shrink Content Databases for High Performance
  • Backup SharePoint in Minutes
  • Cut SQL costs and admin headaches
  • Recover any item, list or site
Optimize SharePoint Storage & Backup

SharePoint Geo-Synchronization

SharePoint Replication to Synchronize Critical Operations Centers

Geo-Synchronize SharePoint
  • Reliable access to critical content
  • Deliver fast access to content everywhere
  • Synchronize all your SharePoint farms
  • Extend SharePoint content

Optimize & Secure Exchange & File Shares

Flexible, scalable, enterprise-class, email archiving and file archiving

  • Archive and Optimize Exchange
  • Improve Backup and Restore Times
  • Manage Data Growth Intelligently
  • Maintain Compliance and eDiscovery
Optimize & Secure Exchange and File Shares

SharePoint Always On

Ensure SharePoint High Availability and Continuity of Operations

SharePoint Always On
  • High Availability for mission-critical SharePoint
  • Keep Business Processes Operational
  • Fast access to SharePoint content for all users
  • Monitor SharePoint 24x7