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Antonio Maio, MVP & SharePoint Architect at Protiviti, discusses the secrets to successful SharePoint migrations

No two migrations are the same, but all successful migrations have at least two things in common: Intelligent planning and thoughtful execution.

Seit dem Übergang von SharePoint 2003 zu 2007 and jeder darauffolgenden Version fragen sich zahlreiche Unternehmen, ob die nächste Version überhaupt für sie geeignet ist.

SharePoint and Office365 administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals welcome back the second SPS Munich event on 4th of March 2017. ​

There will also be several pre-conference workshops on the 3rd of March. Theye will be limited availability and will costs a small fee as they are not sponsored for the day.


  • environment to share knowledge and learn about Microsoft SharePoint
  • approx. 400 participants! 
  • All sessions at this event will be primarily in English


For a very low yearly price per user you've just purchased, or are looking at, an entire ecosystem of features within Office 365. As soon as you think you understand what's included (Exchange, Skype, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint) more apps arrive. With apps come a great list of questions from your end-users. Why are you making me change? Why can't I just use Word like I used too? What are all these tiles?

SharePoint Administrators building a migration plan and IT Managers hiring a consultant experience huge pressure for the project to satisfy all stakeholders, and not run into any unplanned technical errors.

Through hundreds of my own migrations and thousands of Metalogix customers, I've seen two decisions that can create a successful migration. To structure your migration you must balance the change management approach and the technical architecture of your project.

The Theotokos Foundation is a non-profit welfare organization which provides support, special education assistance and training to children and young adults, aged 3 to 35 with mild-to-severe learning and other developmental disabilities, as well as counseling and psychological support for their families. Established in 1963, the foundation actively promotes that for the persons living with disability and their families - everything is achievable across all facets of life – from education and training to social involvement.

Migrating three times is not the answer.

You can migrate directly to Office 365 from any on-premises version of SharePoint. But watch out, there are obstacles to avoid.

Microsoft FastTrack now provides free SharePoint on-premises to Office 365 migration; how can you take advantage?

Kennen Sie die Phrase „Ein Hammer auf der Suche nach einem Nagel“?

Bezogen auf unsere Branche bedeutet dies, dass eine neue Technologie auf der Suche nach einem Problem ist, das sie lösen kann - statt eigentlich andersherum.

A migration is not a project to be planned and performed as an afterthought. From the transition of SharePoint 2003 to 2007 and each subsequent version we've seen organizations suffer through answering the question – Is the next version of SharePoint right for us?

Is SharePoint 2016 Right for Your Organization has been designed by SharePoint and migration experts to help you understand what you will gain, what you may lose and key technical details in-between.

The questions addressed:


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