Internet Explorer 11 Compatability

Internet Explorer 11 users can use this page in Compatibility Mode.

  1. From the menu bar, select TOOLS > COMPATIBILITY VIEW SETTINGS
  2. The ‘Add this website:’ text box should show ‘metalogix.com’
  3. Click ADD and then click CLOSE

Journey to the Cloud

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Microsoft Office 365 has become an increasingly popular option for organizations looking to move content – particularly Exchange and SharePoint – to the cloud. In this white paper authored by Osterman Research, learn about the new capabilities in Office 365 and what it means for you, including:

  • The differences between Office 365 and its predecessor, BPOS
  • Reducing email costs and the workload for IT staff
  • The advantages of creating hybrid-cloud scenarios

What Are The Limitations?

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While there are many positives to Office 365, there are limitations. In a survey conducted by Osterman Research for the white paper, respondents shared how they were using Office 365 and what aspects they would seek out third-party solutions for. The white paper investigates:

  • How to best migrate content into Office 365 from on-premises
  • What your backup strategy for Office 365 should be
  • The options available for archiving emails in Exchange Online