3 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to a New SharePoint Environment in 2018

Upgrade to new sharepoint

3 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to a New SharePoint Environment in 2018

By Tracy van der Schyff | August 06, 2018

New Features (Instant Gratification)

I believe that smartphones create expectations when it comes to workplace environments. In 45 years, we’ve gone from a device that was used for making and receiving calls, to a device that is SO integral to our lives that we simply cannot live without it. Calls, texts, work, collaboration, games, videos, photos… and with over 3.3 million apps available, the other functions are nearly endless.

I recently upgraded to the Huawei P20 Pro. Did I need a new phone? No. I also did this a year before my contract expired, which means it cost me lot of money unnecessarily. Over the last 20 or so years, I upgraded my mobile device every two years, and frankly, I was happy with that. Not anymore.

The apps on your phone are no different to the apps available in Office 365, which is why the cloud was never something I had to consider. It was a given.
upgrade to new sharepoint
The frustration and wants that I have are real though. Your users are no longer content with the same platforms for long periods of time, especially not when there is proof of improvement around them.

We want what’s possible now. I still see companies ‘sweat those assets’ when it comes to the Office or Windows version their users are on. I’m not saying ‘bling and the latest gadgets’ are all that matters; rather, I am asking you to carefully consider the real price you are paying when it comes to outdated software or platforms.

Loss of productivity due to negative users might just be your biggest risk when it comes to NOT migrating to a newer version of SharePoint.

SharePoint 2016 was built “From the Cloud Up,” which means it’s “Cloud Hybrid Ready.” Hybrid is no longer a consideration; it’s a destination.

Below, you’ll see the features which were added in SharePoint 2016. Features like Compliance, Durable Links, Special Characters, Hybrid, Mobile, Large File Support will not only make your IT Department exhale a sigh of relief, but more importantly, make your users happy. And as we know, happy users lead to productivity, which affects your bottom line.

Features added in SharePoint 2016



Access Services 

New Access features are available when you deploy Access Services in SharePoint Server 2016. 

Compliance features 

New compliance features for SharePoint Server 2016 include the document deletion and in-place hold policies. 

Customized web parts 

The compile time for customized XSLT files used for Content Query, Summary Links, and Table of Contents Web Parts is improved. 

Document Library accessibility 

SharePoint Server 2016 includes new document library accessibility features. 

Durable links 

Resource-based URLs now retain links when documents are renamed or moved in SharePoint. 

Encrypted Connections 

SharePoint Server 2016 supports TLS 1.2 connection encryption by default. 

Fast Site Collection Creation 

The Fast Site Collection Creation feature is a rapid method to create site collections and sites in SharePoint. 

Filenames - expanded support for special characters 

SharePoint Server 2016 now supports using some special characters in file names that were blocked in previous versions. 

Hybrid in SharePoint 2016 

Hybrid in SharePoint Server 2016 enables you to integrate your on-premises farm with Office 365 productivity experiences, allowing you to adopt the cloud at your own pace. 

Identify and search for sensitive content 

SharePoint Server 2016 now provides the same data loss prevention capabilities as Office 365. 

Image and video previews 

You can now preview images and videos in SharePoint Server 2016 document libraries. 

Information Rights Management 

SharePoint Server 2016 provides Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities to secure information by encrypting and securing information on SharePoint libraries with OneDrive for Business. 

Large file support 

SharePoint Server 2016 now supports uploading and downloading files larger than 2,047 MB. 


MinRole is a new feature in SharePoint Server 2016 that allows a SharePoint farm administrator to define each server's role in a farm topology. 

Mobile experience

SharePoint Server 2016 offers an improved mobile navigation experience. 

New features in November 2016 PU for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1) 

The November 2016 Public Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1) offers seven new features for SharePoint Server 2016. 

New controls for working with OneDrive for Business 

SharePoint Server 2016 provides controls at the top of your personal document folders that make common tasks in OneDrive for Business more accessible. 

New Recycle Bin in OneDrive and Team sites 

SharePoint Server 2016 adds a link for the Recycle Bin in the left navigation area of the OneDrive and Team sites. 

Open Document Format (ODF) 

SharePoint Server 2016 adds support for Open Document Format (ODF) files to use in document library templates. 

Project Server 

New Project Server features are available in SharePoint Server 2016. 

ReFS file system support 

SharePoint Server 2016 now supports drives that are formatted with the ReFS file system. 

SharePoint business intelligence 

SharePoint Server 2016 now supports SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 and the Power Pivot add-in and Power View. 

SharePoint Search 

SharePoint Search Server Application has significant changes to its deployment. 

Sharing improvements 

SharePoint Server 2016 has many new sharing improvements available. 

Site Folders view 

SharePoint Server 2016 provides a new Site Folders view that lets you access the document libraries in sites that you're following. 

Sites page pinning

This new feature helps you see and follow sites. 

SMTP Connection Encryption 

SharePoint Server 2016 supports sending email to SMTP servers that use STARTTLS connection encryption. 

SMTP ports (non-default) 

SharePoint Server 2016 adds support for SMTP servers that use TCP ports other than the default port (25). 

Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol (WOPI) 

You can now rename files, create new files, and share files from within the WOPI iframe on the browser page. 

Features Deprecated in SharePoint 2016

Understand that features are deprecated for a reason. Microsoft is not just trying to be difficult. I always focus on what’s been added in a version and learn to live with what’s gone.

Features Deprecated


SharePoint Foundation

SharePoint Foundation has been included in all previous releases SP 2010 and SP 2013 and stands as the free, slightly basic version of SharePoint. All of the core functionality for this is now built directly into the core SharePoint and hence this is now no longer available.

Stand-Alone Installation

The idea of a "stand-alone" installation is no more supported as it has been with earlier versions. If you want to create a self-contained development or test environment, then we simply choose the “Single Server Farm” role during installation. However, you have to install SQL and other related components.

Forefront Identity Manager Client (FIM)

Instead of Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Client as was used to synchronize between Active Directory and SharePoint. The standard way of importing users now is via Active Directory Import.

Excel Services in SharePoint

In SharePoint 2016, Excel Services and its associated business intelligence capabilities have been removed. The Excel Services piece has moved into a new Office Web Apps product, Office Online Server, certain deprecated features are Excel Services PowerShell commands, Trusted Data Providers, File Locations and Data Connection Libraries. Feature such as Viewing and Editing Excel data in the browser now requires the new Office Online Server.

Tags and Notes

This feature is completely deprecated for SharePoint 2016. You will no longer be able to create new tags or notes, or even access existing ones. Microsoft has, however, documented how you can archive existing notes.


There is no “stsadm.exe”, In all the activities We can use PowerShell. 

Key Features added to SharePoint 2019

In a recent webinar and blog, we covered what could be expected from SharePoint 2019. More information was kept under wraps right up until the #SPC18 in Las Vegas. Below, you’ll see the Key Features, which again highlights “Modern SharePoint.”




Modern Sites, Pages, Lists, and Libraries


Team News


SharePoint Home#B7E2FF


Communication Sites


OneDrive Sync Client


Improved hybrid support and scenarios


New developer options


Improved support for business process with PowerApps and Flow

Communication sites and the new modern lists and libraries will be enough to make your users love SharePoint again. Again, the integration with PowerApps and Flow paves the way to Hybrid.

upgrade to new sharepoint
Figure 1:  Modern Sites and Mobile Experience

SharePoint Online

You only need to take a look at the Office 365 Roadmap to see how much Microsoft has been investing in SharePoint Online. The Roadmap is a great resource to stay on top of what’s happening and find resources to give you more information.
upgrade to new sharepoint
Figure 2: Office 365 Roadmap for SharePoint




Bulk metadata editing


Column formatter


Custom forms with PowerApps


Flow custom action for content approval and publish


Flow trigger for item deletion


Forms Web Part


Groups in Outlook and group-connected team sites in Office 365: Private by default


IRM library sync support for Windows


Modern library field view customization


Modern Web experience for Office files


Office 365 Groups: classification is available when creating or modifying a group across apps


OneDrive for Business multi-geo and service level encryption support (private preview only)


Planner: SharePoint team site integration updates


SharePoint Admin Center


SharePoint hub sites


SharePoint Online: site themes for classic sites


SharePoint web part: Kindle Instant Preview


SharePoint web part: Office 365 Connectors


SharePoint web part: Planner


SharePoint web part: Twitter


Update to Office 365 groups hover card in SharePoint


Yammer Web Part for SharePoint

Rolling Out

Create Power BI reports from Excel in SharePoint


Customization of the Access Request Flow in OneDrive and SharePoint Online


Customized Sharing Defaults per SharePoint Site Collection


Enhanced list-library view web part


File + Folder activity


File Move in SharePoint and OneDrive


Improved search experience in SharePoint


Index large lists and complex field types


Page management


Request sign-off via Flow


SharePoint - Web part: PowerApps


SharePoint Online: custom site designs


SharePoint: connect an existing site to a new Office 365 group


SharePoint: new Planner integration


Updates to secure external sharing experience for files and folders


Versioning settings in OneDrive for Business, Groups and team sites in SharePoint Online


Word SharePoint Properties Pane

In Development

Files On-Demand for SharePoint Server 2019


Increase in SharePoint Online storage allocation


Microsoft Secure Score support for new controls


Modern list templates for issues, contacts and datasheet


OneDrive sync for IRM encrypted libraries


Outlook for Android: Access group files


Outlook for iOS: Access group files


SharePoint - Start new page from existing page


SharePoint and Teams: connect site to a Team in one click


SharePoint and Teams: folder in site visibly connected to channel


SharePoint and Teams: pick news articles and lists as tabs in teams


SharePoint hub sites: add rich color to header


SharePoint hub sites: approvals for site association


SharePoint hub sites: site scripting during site association


SharePoint mobile: direct document library access


SharePoint mobile: new Find tab


SharePoint mobile: notifications on page likes


SharePoint news - aggregation into Microsoft Teams chat


SharePoint news - newsletter digest email


SharePoint news: @mentions in comments


SharePoint news: save for later (Web)


SharePoint Online - promote a page or news


SharePoint Online: create news from SharePoint home in Office 365


SharePoint organizational news: audience targeting


SharePoint organizational news: choose site sources


SharePoint organizational news: deem specific sites as main news sites


SharePoint organizational news: hub site news web part update


SharePoint organizational news: page approval


SharePoint pages and news: custom metadata columns


SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams


SharePoint pages: page usage information


SharePoint web part: Image (update)


SharePoint web part: Office 365 group calendar


SharePoint web part: updates for rich text editing (RTE)


SharePoint web part: Weather


SharePoint web parts: Document library and lists updates


SharePoint: modern team site if not group enabled


SharePoint: organizational news


SharePoint: select a language at site creation


SharePoint: site activity shows group inbox activity


Smart people picker(Web only)


Update to file handling in libraries with required metadata


Updated SharePoint team site home page


Use Flow to approve hub-site joins



Previously Released

ATP For SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams


Conditional access policies for location and apps


DLP policy tips in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business


Flow Integration for Document Libraries


Increasing File Path Limit


Integrated modern file copy for 500MB files


New Authenticated Office 365 Home Page


New Sharing Controls from Mac Finder


New Sharing Controls from Windows Explorer


OneDrive - Per Group Sharing Controls


OneDrive Files on Demand – Preview via Windows Insider Builds


OneDrive for Android - Support for on-premise files in SharePoint Server


OneDrive for iOS - Files app integration


OneDrive for iOS - UI updates and universal link support


People cards on SharePoint home in Office 365


Personalized Search in SharePoint Home


Power BI web part


SharePoint - Library viewer web part


SharePoint - List view web part


SharePoint - Metadata library navigation support


SharePoint - News and pages: banner images


SharePoint - News and pages: comment on news articles


SharePoint - News: Notifications


SharePoint - predictive indexing for lists and libraries


SharePoint - Simple site navigation edit


SharePoint - Site usage page


SharePoint - Web part: Events


SharePoint - Web part: Hero


SharePoint - Web part: People


SharePoint app for Windows 10 Mobile: view news


SharePoint home page in Office 365 - People Cards


SharePoint mobile app for Android - on-premises access


SharePoint mobile app for Android - team news rollup


SharePoint mobile app for Android: create news


SharePoint mobile app: Me tab


SharePoint Online - personalized news on the SharePoint home page in Office 365


SharePoint Online - personalized search from SharePoint home in Office 365


SharePoint Online communication sites


SharePoint Online: custom site designs and site themes gallery


SharePoint Online: custom site themes


SharePoint Online: updated site usage page


SharePoint web part: File viewer


SharePoint web part: Image updates


SharePoint web part: Microsoft Forms


SharePoint web parts: large authoring toolbox


SharePoint: Site theming


Updates to "Shared with me" view - external content

Take a look at our “Unofficial SharePoint Feature Comparison Chart” to see how much your users are actually losing out on.

Collaboration & Ease of Use

The way we collaborate is the driving force behind the way we want to work. Gone are the days where we’d send an email and patiently wait for a response. We want to know whether someone is online, and we want feedback and the ability to work together. No longer limited by geography, we live in an era where “Always Online” is now required.


1. work jointly on an activity or project.

"he collaborated with him on numerous hotel projects"

synonyms: cooperate, join (up), join forces, team up, get together, come together, band together, work together, work jointly, participate, unite, combine, merge, link, ally, associate, amalgamate, integrate, form an alliance, pool resources, club together

Integrate and Pool Resources stand out for me in the definition of Collaboration. SharePoint 2016 already offers a much more “Collaboration Friendly” atmosphere.

In Hybrid environments, the ability to have a single Office 365 profile and see your search results in single consolidated lists is a big win. Improved Sharing, Search, and OneDrive Experience adds value where it matters – when users work with content.

The introduction of Communication Sites & News to SharePoint 2019 is a step in the right direction for the On-Premises (only) folks out there. This is a new, modern way of communicating with your employees.

I stand by my statement that Microsoft Teams is a gateway to the consumption of the greater Officer 365 Apps and Services. For years, we may have resisted using SharePoint, as we had to leave the environment we were working in to log into another platform to perform duplicate tasks.

Microsoft Teams offers an interface where the user can bring everyone together that matters. With Tabs, you can add all the sites, apps, and resources that helps you achieve more.

upgrade to new sharepoint
Figure 3:  Microsoft Teams Navigation


This is something very close to my heart. After all, “Facilitating the evolution of Human Capabilities” is my business motto.

It’s proven that we can save users 33 productive minutes a day by simply training them in PC Literacy Basics. That’s roughly a one-month salary saving per year, which means you can pay 13th checks and bonuses just by saving on productivity.

Now imagine the productivity boost we get from using apps that helps us manage, sort, and find what we need, when we need it. Companies have no idea the impact these feature rich environments can have on their users.

When users have the tools they need to excel AND they’ve been trained to use them, there’s no looking back.

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There are SO many goodies with SPO! We're starting to build out our Team Sites on SPO from our "old intranet", and very recently adopted in the Modern Page to our mostly-classic sites. The versatility makes for very efficient usage. And, it _looks_ great! Next up for us are Communication and Hub Sites, and I can't wait.
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