SharePoint 2016 IT Preview is Ready to Test

SharePoint 2016 IT preview

SharePoint 2016 IT Preview is Ready to Test

By Rob Matthews | September 10, 2015

Free Metalogix Resources Help SharePoint Administrators Decide Migration Plans

Microsoft recently released their SharePoint 2016 IT Preview during the SPTechCon event in Boston. Metalogix Product Manager Adam Levithan wrote a blog about this announcement.

At SPTechCon, Adam and our staff met many SharePoint Administrators and IT experts moving from 2010 to 2013, some moving to the cloud, and others waiting for 2016. Several attendees—perhaps even you—were asking, “Should I wait for 2016”.

The IT Preview of SharePoint 2016 provides an ideal opportunity to gain some of the insight needed to make that decision for your organization. However, an effective test requires the use of realistic content and data. The downside is that it can take quite some time to build a SharePoint 2016 environment with data that is representative of your actual content.

To reduce the time to create a proper test, we launched a free trial of Metalogix Content Matrix IT Preview for SharePoint 2016. This will allow you to analyze your environment to discover potential migration pain points when moving to SharePoint 2016 and facilitate the migration your production content and users into the SharePoint 2016 IT Preview. Test on your terms; use your content.

Content Matrix IT Preview permits you to truly test SharePoint 2016 by:

  • Performing a SharePoint 2016-centric pre-migration analysis;
  • Migrating your content and users from any previous version of SharePoint, Office 365, or file shares into the 2016 IT Preview; and
  • Testing your sites, content, and metadata in SharePoint 2016 without needing to create test data or use a time consuming manual migration process.

During your SharePoint 2016 test with Metalogix Content Matrix IT Preview, here are three questions to consider when deciding to stay with your migration plan or wait for SharePoint 2016:

  1. What’s the actual timeframe for the estimated SharePoint 2016 release to market compared to your desired upgrade and/or budget availability.
  2. Are you, or will you soon be, a hybrid organization using both Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises.
  3. Is it worth waiting for SharePoint 2016 no-downtime rolling upgrades.

To rollout the SharePoint 2016 IT Preview release, Microsoft published a SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview Datasheet and SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview Reviewer Guide. If the Datasheet does not persuade you to test-drive SharePoint 2016, read the Reviewer Guide. You will see the continuation of the same overarching themes of infrastructure, experiences and compliance with much more detail. We think it’s worth your while to do a test now so you are confident about sticking with your current migration plan or waiting for SharePoint 2016.

Download our free trial of Metalogix Content Matrix

For your other migration needs, review and download our other free, SharePoint migration resources.

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Rob Matthews

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Written By: Rob Matthews