A SharePoint Content Database Suffers in Sweden

A SharePoint Content Database Suffers in Sweden

A SharePoint Content Database Suffers in Sweden

June 24, 2015

Recently I chatted with Soren Bromand, IT Project Manager with Nederman Holding, a company (like many) that stores and shares its critical files on SharePoint and in archive databases. Based in Sweden, Nederman is a pretty cool company that builds industrial air filtration systems to protect workers and to reduce the environmental impact from industrial processes.

So Soren and I talked about day-to-day operations and their heavy reliance on files and Solid Edge CAD drawings that contain the blueprints for the systems they build—files that are a hugely important part of the production process.

Last year Soren looked into how they could streamline the systems Nederman was working with to simplify collaborating, storing and archiving for the 1500 employees that depend on these files. After looking at Metalogix' storage solution, StoragePoint, Soren realized he would not only have the ability to automatically install the CAD drawings into SharePoint, he would also be able to manage the files straight from the SharePoint UI. Win!

Soren's team has been using StoragePoint for about a year, and by externalizing BLOBs from their intranet/extranet SharePoint content databases, they've reclaimed a whopping 65 percent of space on the SQL server. And the performance improvements have not gone unnoticed by their 1500 users.

“We implemented StoragePoint to save on database storage, but it's been incredibly beneficial that our users get faster loading times for even massive files,' he says. 'It's also a plus that we now take fewer backups and use file backup for most of the data.”

Or better yet, download StoragePoint and check the health of your content database. It'll thank you for it.

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