Accelerating Your Tailored Move to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud

Accelerating Your Tailored Move to the Cloud

By Matthew Boyd | March 16, 2015

It goes without saying that moving to the Cloud is a challenging prospect for most organisations. It is never as simple as recognizing the potential value of a cloud service and then just switching it on. While there are a great number of benefits of operating in the Cloud, the approach to implementation of such technology is essential to its success.

That’s why many organizations turn to a hybrid cloud setup to start their journey. This could be for any number of underlying reasons such as:

  • They don’t want to cause disruption to their business in transition
  • They aren’t sold on using the Cloud for all their business needs
  • They have legal or compliance requirements holding them back from a complete cloud infrastructure

Whatever the reason, a hybrid scenario can offer a lot of the regularly cited cloud efficiencies, while mitigating some of the potential risks. The risk most commonly associated with the Cloud is security, and while this is a valid concern, many of the larger cloud service providers have made huge investments in minimising this threat. Not least of all Microsoft that recently announced their ISO 27018 compliance and HITRUST compliance achievements, supporting their assertion that they are committed to protecting your data.

Let’s start with a look at what exactly a hybrid cloud setup is.

A hybrid cloud is an organizational infrastructure compromised of both public and private cloud elements that are seamlessly integrated. This setup could rely on multiple partners working together, or a single partner, delivering both private and public cloud to a business. However, it is not uncommon for the private cloud element to be internally hosted and managed. Whatever the arrangement, a hybrid approach to adopting a cloud infrastructure or cloud services is a popular middle ground and a great starting point for many businesses.

Examples of a Hybrid setup in action

Most organizations are likely to have some form of customer-facing site for building up their digital presence, and depending on business requirements, it might be hosted in a public or private cloud. An e-commerce site might be hosted in a private cloud, so that transaction and personal data is not exposed to any third party risks, regardless of how minimal. In this instance the site remains highly secure, yet still very accessible for updates and maintenance. By comparison, a brochure site could be hosted in a public cloud as it is far less likely to carry sensitive information, and therefore can take full advantage of public cloud efficiencies and cost savings.

These same principals can be extended to other cloud services such as cloud Intranet solutions or more simplistic cloud storage solutions. If an internal solution holds sensitive client data or simply highly confidential information, then it can make more sense to store this in a private cloud. This will provide easy access for employees across the business, while keeping the information secure. However, more general business storage could use a public cloud service for the benefit of its rapid scalability and outsourced management, which deliver increased access speed and reduced cost.

With all of these cloud hosting options for your business, picking and choosing the right cloud approach is crucial, but so is working with the right partner. It is with this in mind that BrightStarr has recently partnered with cloud experts Metalogix on their brand new cloud acceleration programme, which is specifically designed to help clients move to the cloud in the best way for their organization.

Together BrightStarr and Metalogix aim to help clients realize the enormous potential benefits of the Cloud and reduce the potential for problems. BrightStarr has already helped numerous clients of all shapes and sizes to maximum ROI on their cloud investments, and we believe that with the right partner and strategy in place all organizations can reap the benefits. The Metalogix Cloud Acceleration Suite is a new tool that is going to make taking future clients to the Cloud easier than ever before.

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Written By: Matthew Boyd