Am I Crazy to Think I Need Backup for Office 365.

Am I Crazy to Think I Need Backup for Office 365.

Am I Crazy to Think I Need Backup for Office 365.

By Paul LaPorte | March 30, 2016

Recently in the middle of a conversation with an IT professional, I was asked if it was crazy to have a backup of Office 365 content saved in OneDrive or SharePoint. My answer was simple; you’re not crazy at all, it’s actually a smart question to ask.

It may seem contradictory due to the nature of saving items to the cloud but it comes down to the small amount of time when users can’t get to the cloud to access business content.

What happens if your company’s internet goes down or a sales person is in a remote place without access to WiFi or cell phone data network or a million other scenarios? When users aren’t able to access that data, they lose business. For instance, last year when Amazon’s AWS went down for 22 minutes, Amazon’s retail arm lost $1,100 in net sales per second, a total of $1.65 million.

As companies move to the cloud, they lose a lot of the control and while SLAs help mitigate the level of fear companies might have previously faced with their on premise infrastructure, an Office 365 backup allows companies to build proactive plans when challenging times make accessing that content impossible.

The five Office 365 backup drivers are below:

  1. Financial – Even short outages cost significant amounts of money.
  2. Productivity – Having constant access to business critical documents ensures that employees can keep working.
  3. Compliance – Having content safely stored and being able to access, search and restore it quickly ensures that you won’t run into issues when being audited.
  4. Peace of Mind – Even though the cloud is very reliable, more reliable than most on-premises environments, you are giving up control. Having a backup takes back some of that control and puts IT departments/admins at ease
  5. The 100% Mandate – There’s often a mandate from leadership that the entire environment be backed up as a failsafe so that business isn’t interrupted, even in the event that there are failover environments or other safeguards.

So are you crazy to think that you need backup for Office 365? I’d say that you’d be crazy not to.

Wondering how best to set up an Office 365 backup? Listen to my recent webinar, Rewriting Your Backup and Recovery Plan, On-Premises to Office 365 where I discussed how to create backup plans, examine backup methods, compliance concerns and the differences between disaster recovery and content availability.

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