Are You Dangerous or Are You Endangered in an Office 365 World.

Are You Dangerous or Are You Endangered in an Office 365 World.

Are You Dangerous or Are You Endangered in an Office 365 World.

By Damon Tompkins | September 09, 2015

Change isn’t a four letter word, but it can become one if you fail to prepare for the next phase of your career.

And when it comes to IT, change is upon us. Companies are re-platforming from the data center and into the Cloud with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) becoming new standards. Ditto for Content in the Cloud.

Consider that productivity solutions like Office 365 are already present in 80 percent of enterprises and that Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solutions like OneDrive, Box and, Google for Work are all the rage.

How this impacts your career (and it will impact your career) isn’t much of a mystery. Especially for those IT professionals who work in what Gartner analyst Jack Santos calls “running” roles; in other words, those who work with internal systems and servers or provide support for them.

Those jobs, unless you work for a cloud provider, are going away. Why? Because the cloud vendors will be doing them. Bill Fathers of VMware was even bolder when he recently stated that CIOs should look at the make-up of their IT teams and be prepared to make dramatic cuts. 'Invest forward,' he says. 'Chances are, 95% of your team understands your existing infrastructure technology platforms extremely well. You’ll be getting rid of a third of them to invest in people who understand what the next version of your business is going to look like.'*

Pretty serious prediction...

So forget about continuing on your current trajectory unless you’re willing to move somewhere like Redmond, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Armonk …or anywhere else that’s close to a cloud provider. Once you get there you’ll have to strut your best stuff provisioning hardware, supporting operating systems, or maintaining the space in which content lives or you won’t get hired. And the competition is going to be tough because as the cloud becomes more and more scalable fewer and fewer people will be needed.

The other option is to stay put, and maybe even with your current employer. But in that case a professional pivot will, more than likely, be necessary because you current job responsibilities will cease to be required.

Devastating as this might sound, it doesn’t need to be if you’re well prepared. Whether your employer is staying on premise, going hybrid, or is cloud-bound right now, this could be your pivotal moment.

How you prepare for the world where everything, or nearly everything, lives in the cloud can be a ticket to the heavens or to the unemployment line.

The choice, at least at this point in time, is still yours… So, will you THRIVE in Office365?

Assuming that the unemployment line isn’t where you want to head, ask yourself how you might be useful in a cloudy world. Think. Then stop yourself from reading job descriptions career sites. The one to you’d bring the most value to probably hasn’t been written yet.

We have an idea of what it might look like though, stay tuned because change IS opportunity!

*Cliff Saran, Managing Editor

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