Could Surface Hub Be The Future of Content Collaboration Productivity.

Could Surface Hub Be The Future of Content Collaboration Productivity.

By Micheal Mullen | January 27, 2015

Last week’s official unveiling of Windows 10 offered several surprises that were mostly consumer oriented. The one interesting note for those interested in business and productivity tools was the Microsoft Surface Hub, an 84-inch touch display that comes equipped with video teleconferencing equipment and powered by Windows 10.

It was clear from the unveiling that Microsoft isn’t just trying to pull together several devices into one but stay true to its renewed focus on productivity. While teleconferencing is an effective tool for communication, the Surface Hub’s potential as a content collaboration device might be its greatest strength.

Imagine having teams meet via Skype while performing live collaboration on a document hosted on Office 365 or SharePoint. Rather than have emails fly back and forth about making changes or versioning control, teams could find a higher level of productivity as they perform live collaboration on the document while watching the expressions and hearing the voices of their teammates.

As companies strive to increase their productivity through content collaboration, the Microsoft Surface Hub might become the most powerful tool to reach that goal. The Surface Hub is expected to launch later in 2015.

Micheal Mullen

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Written By: Micheal Mullen

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