Essentials for Drives, Because it's About Time we all had a way to Move, Manage and Secure Content across EFFS systems

Essentials for Drives, Because it's About Time we all had a way to Move, Manage and Secure Content across EFFS systems

By Rob Matthews | August 18, 2015

As your workload moves to the cloud and users increasingly use a host of Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) system (you know what I’m talking about, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box cropping up at your office) administrators have a lot more to worry about managing. Don’t get me wrong, there are great advantages to EFSS systems. They’re purely collaborative in nature, uncluttered by structure and process, and allow users to store and share content quickly very naturally without regarding a rigid process.

Rather than attempting the sometimes near impossible task of limiting users’ options for how they collaborate, perhaps it’s time administrators are provided with a simple, unified solution that provides the ability to perform onboarding and day-to-day management of Drives.

Cue our new solution, Essentials for Drives. With automated file format and permissions conversion, interactive graphical dashboards generated by powerful reporting functionality, and scalable daily backup and archiving functionality, Essentials for Drives eases the migration from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, file shares, and other EFSS systems into OneDrive and simplifies administration, security, and backup once onboarding is complete.

Metalogix is now offering Essentials for Drives, a unified management solution, focused on providing all the necessary functionality to perform the movement, management, and security operations of your EFSS-based content.

Conceived to fully leverage the advantages of the cloud and designed specifically for the challenges faced by companies implementing OneDrive for Business and managing EFFS systems, Essentials for Drives provides immediate value and ensures OneDrive’s ROI.

To learn more about what we’ve been working on over here at Metalogix and see how it could prove essential to your organization, check our website here, download a free trial, or talk to one of my colleagues today!

Rob Matthews

Rob Matthews is a Product Manager for Metalogix. He started out working on cloud-based HRIS and compliance software for ADP before joining MetaVis Technologies, and has spent his entire professional career on cloud software.

Written By: Rob Matthews

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