Essentials for Office 365: Continuing Commitment to the Cloud

Essentials for Office 365: Continuing Commitment to the Cloud

Essentials for Office 365: Continuing Commitment to the Cloud

By Rob Matthews | December 08, 2015

Today’s IT world is in the middle of a “cloud rush” companies are either thinking about, preparing for, or already benefitting from their move to cloud collaboration environments. The reduction in infrastructure needs, maintenance, and costs are extremely enticing and add immediate business value. After assisting a number of companies through their cloud adoption journey, it is clear to me that there are three major pain points that impact companies in Office 365.

  1. It’s hard to figure out what needs to be migrated into Office 365 and how it can be best organized to provide ease of access and maximum business value.
  2. It’s extremely difficult to gain insight into environmental permissions and service consumption across all of the Office 365 applications.
  3. The cloud isn’t perfect. Maintaining 100% uptime is dependent on a number of interconnecting but unrelated systems working at optimal efficiency all the time, and it’s just not realistic. Having constant access to your data for availability or compliance reasons is beyond the capabilities of out-of-the-box Office 365.                       

It’s these pains that have prompted us at Metalogix to build Essentials for Office 365, and today, we are proud to announce the newly enhanced version. We have taken our experience in the migration, content management, and Office 365 space and used it to add functionality to Essentials that streamlines your move to Office 365 and subsequent user, permissions, and content management.

Streamlined Migration

Essentials prevents friction during your migration by providing out-of-the-box insights into what content you have, how it is organized, how it is being used, and whether or not the present architecture will translate to the new environment. Our pre-migration assessment, content utilization, and user behavior reports allow for remediation and the creation of a migration plan that is then automated and carried out by Essentials, providing the fastest means of migration for your SharePoint, file share, and other source location to the cloud.

User Lifecycle Management

Once in the cloud, Essentials is the single platform that provides the functionality to manage the entire user lifecycle from onboarding to off-boarding, automating the many steps that require touching multiple consoles and streamlining inconsistent processes. Administrators can quickly understand which services and licenses are available, which are deployed, and which are being actively consumed to ensure maximum utilization. Administrators can also see what permissions a user of group of users have across all the disparate services within Office 365 to ensure that the proper level of access is assigned to prevent security breaches and violations.

Ensure Content Availability

Essentials also ensures your content availability by creating a redundant copy of your data on-premises or in a secondary cloud location which isn’t possible using the native capabilities of Office 365. Whether you’re backing up content in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, or OneDrive for Business, you can extract your content and store it, assuring quick and easy access as well as the ability to store for auditing compliance.

With this release, Metalogix takes a leap forward in helping organizations adopt, manage, and secure Office 365. The newest version of Essentials for Office 365 fills a massive gap in the existing Office 365 migration and management space by including pre-migration, migration, management, security, and backup in a single platform. Essentials reaches across all of the disparate services in Office 365 to provide a simple and efficient means with which to perform complex administrative operations in the cloud.

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Rob Matthews

Rob Matthews is a Product Manager for Metalogix. He started out working on cloud-based HRIS and compliance software for ADP before joining MetaVis Technologies, and has spent his entire professional career on cloud software.

Written By: Rob Matthews