Exchange 2016 Support and Advanced Email and File Archiving Capabilities available in latest Metalogix Archive Manager

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Exchange 2016 Support and Advanced Email and File Archiving Capabilities available in latest Metalogix Archive Manager

December 17, 2015

Metalogix Archive Manager 7.2 release now supports Exchange and Outlook 2016. This is an important release for anyone considering upgrading to the latest version of Exchange, which includes many of our existing 2,000 Archive Migrator customers. This continued support across all Metalogix Exchange and SharePoint products ensures a long term partnership with our customers.

The new Archive Manager 7.2 release also contains feature additions that are necessary in today's advanced archiving market. While we continuously drive the product forward, we want to engage with you, our users, to constantly push the envelope for what an archive product can do. Your suggestions help Metalogix choose what to innovate next for an already feature rich and mature product. Here?s a quick highlight of some new features in Archive Manager 7.2 that we think you?ll like.

Data Analytics

Users need insight into archived data to be able to analyze file or mail. New reports analyze and display information on the chain of custody of your archived data, including the date of archival, the retention category, the retention expiration date, and the calculated time until expiration. This capability will help companies address a growing range of issues, from compliance to streamlined data management. Users can generate the report on demand and filter on various fields.

Manage inaccessible or decommissioned servers

Over time, managing and affording access to older archived data becomes necessary. Servers reach end of life and are decommissioned. Though the servers no longer need to be maintained or exist, the data that once resided on those servers still needs to be managed in an archive and accessed when necessary. With Archive Manager, archived files are still accessible for users to browse even though the original hardware is no longer available. The Metalogix web interface allows users to preview and download their files in accordance with permissions.

Search better and faster

End users expect continuous access to their data and don?t care where the data is stored -- it just needs to be available in a timely manner. Their frequent demands and ever growing requests for access to archived data place a taxing burden on you. We?ve extended our advanced search capabilities by adding more search parameters to narrow down archive search results faster. This enables quicker user response and closure of open requests. To further enhance search, we?ve updated the code to deliver improved performance and faster, more refined access to your archive.

To see a full list of enhancements, Learn more about our products, Archive Manager Files Edition and Exchange Edition.

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