File size does matter

SharePoint 2016 file size limits

File size does matter

By Paul LaPorte | February 08, 2016

Did you know that file size limits will increase from 2GB to 10GB in SharePoint 2016. What does this mean to you.

Externalization has always helped you manage large files in excess of 2GB. With the new 10GB file size limit, externalization will continue to help you manage large files and avoid performance degradation associated with larger databases. Externalization allows you to store content in the most appropriate location or storage tier, and leverage file server APIs that are 2X faster on average than SharePoint and SQL APIs when handling binary large objects, or BLOBs – providing a much faster user experience.

Large files stored in file servers are not chunked, thus there is no performance hit associated with reassembling the chunks. Files can be streamed directly from file servers allowing processing to be more evenly distributed. When multiplied by large numbers of SharePoint users, the overall SharePoint performance gains are considerable. For example, if 90% of the employees in your company are streaming your latest corporate video, the users viewing the video do not experience undue latency due to multiple, repeated SQL database reads. In addition, other users performing normal SharePoint activities continue to experience great performance with BLOB content now externalized.

In short, externalization continues to be a key technique to optimize performance in your storage architecture. Even more so as we migrate to 2016.

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Written By: Paul LaPorte