Gartner Still Knows We're Cool

Gartner Still Knows We're Cool

Gartner Still Knows We're Cool

June 21, 2016

Back in May 2010, Metalogix was overjoyed to get a callout in Gartner’s Cool Vendors report in the Content Management category. Typically, as companies mature, they and their products naturally grow less “cool.”

So we were overjoyed to hear that Metalogix was mentioned in the Cool Vendors in Content Management, 2016 report in “Where Are They Now” section. It’s the type of accolade that rarely happens for a mature company. Yet, we’ve done so much to help companies move and manage content in SharePoint and Office 365 that we’re not surprised.

Or as better stated by our CTO Trevor Hellebuyck in a press release we issued this morning, “To be cited in Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendor’ report we feel is an enviable distinction of which we are understandably proud.”

So six years later, we might be more mature but we’re also still cool. We’ll take it.

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