SharePoint 2016 RTM: Pre-Migration Resources

SharePoint 2016 RTM: Pre-Migration Resources

SharePoint 2016 RTM: Pre-Migration Resources

By Micheal Mullen | March 14, 2016

This morning, the Uncle of SharePoint, Seth Patton, announced that SharePoint Server 2016 Release to Market (RTM) was available for download. The “Father of SharePoint” Jeff Teper admits that SharePoint is filled with geeks by releasing on-purpose on Pi Day (3/14) and setting the big reveal virtual event on May 4th for all those Star Wars fans out there.

Like Patton’s recent keynotes from his SPTechCon Austin speech, (CMSWire Article) this further demonstrates how the SharePoint and OneDrive for business team has been working with the SharePoint community on a major issue – on-going on-premises support.

When the news broke, the Metalogix team was curious. Apparently we weren’t the only ones as the blog announcement apparently took the content offline for a few minutes. Yet, the Metalogix team has long been preparing for SharePoint 2016’s eventual arrival and as a SharePoint partner and solutions provider, we’ll soon have related announcements to talk about how we’ll deliver solutions that continue to stay ahead of the needs of SharePoint enterprise users.

When we asked our SharePoint expert and Metalogix Product Manager, Adam Levithan about the announcement he said, “SharePoint 2016 doesn’t just focus on building a new type of collaboration platform but anext step in embracing the realities of today’s collaboration needs.We’ve been working with customers to understand the benefits andenhancements of SharePoint 2016 in creating the hybridMicrosoft foundation that IT organizations will grow their future growthstrategies upon.”

Not up to date with SharePoint 2016? Here are several quick SharePoint 2016 RTM resources to start your pre-migration journey.

Soon we will be adding more dedicated content from our partners and internal experts. Until then, Happy Pi Day!

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Micheal Mullen
Written By: Micheal Mullen