Hey Office 365 Admins- You Can Leave Your Laptop at Home

Hey Office 365 Admins- You Can Leave Your Laptop at Home

Hey Office 365 Admins- You Can Leave Your Laptop at Home

By Rob Matthews | June 29, 2015

We’re supposed to be working in mobile-first, cloud-first world, right? Did vendors forget that the people who keep end users happy and everything running are their customers too?

The good news today is that Microsoft hasn’t. And that’s not just talk, there’s proof in the pudding. Earlier this week the Office team in Redmond announced the availability of new service: incident push notifications with the Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices for first release customers with the worldwide release to follow.

What this means is that admins can go freely about their day without worry instead of continuously checking-in. They’ll get a push notification if there’s a service incident affecting their users. And get this, they’ll be able to find out what’s going on, in detail, and what they can do about it. Much of the time the problems will be able to be solved right from their phones with a few taps.

And when it comes to staying on top of the fix, the latest service health status information is available from the same app.

If you don’t have the app yet, you can get the iPhone app here, the Android app here and the Windows phone app here.

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Rob Matthews

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Written By: Rob Matthews