Hybrid Dilemma: Decisions in a Cloud-First ? On-Premises-First World

Hybrid dilemma - cloud first or on-premises first

Hybrid Dilemma: Decisions in a Cloud-First ? On-Premises-First World

May 26, 2015

If the Microsoft Ignite conference stressed anything, it was the continued focus on Cloud First technologies.

But sitting in on Exchange and SharePoint sessions it became clear that Microsoft wants it all “Cloud-First – On-Premises-First.” Yep—you read that right. While hybrid has been a phrase used to denote the full movement of all information workloads to the cloud, Ignite reinforced the commitment to on-premises.

Consider that during several of his sessions, Bill Baer (Senior Product Manager for SharePoint), pointed out that SharePoint 2016 will be the first generation of on-premises deployments born from the cloud.

In these statements it’s clear that “first” is a commitment to future development of the on-premises platform. The development cycles will be different than ever before—blurring the line between cloud and on-premises by extending services from the cloud to your local environment.

So what does this mean to you, the Exchange or SharePoint Admin? Well, the question used to be when—and how—to convince your IT Manager and/or CIO of the value to upgrade your system to the latest version. Now the question has been reversed: IT Managers and CIOs are asking why stay on-premises? And what workloads (or types of content) can go to the cloud?

While not diving into the actual functionality of the next generation of Exchange or SharePoint, there’s a trend for IT organizations to make decisions based on business needs, and on compliance and security considerations when building their infrastructure plan.

I’ll be doing a deep dive on this topic, including real life scenarios, with the European SharePoint Community on Using Infrastructure as Information Architecture (IaIA). We’ll discuss how organizations have been—and will continue—to make decisions about where content should live.

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