Identifying SharePoint Site Collection Sizes

Identifying SharePoint Site Collection Sizes

Identifying SharePoint Site Collection Sizes

By Tamir Orbach | September 17, 2014

Microsoft's drive to convert organizations to Office 365 has been growing. The obvious benefits include decreased management and reduced hardware costs. But getting clients to upgrade to SharePoint Online is not easy due to both functional limitations in SharePoint Online (SPO), and performance limitations in migrations to SPO.

Now, it appears that Microsoft is targeting SharePoint professionals and IT decision makers by making the SPO limitations around site collections, sub-sites, maximum site collection storage and maximum file sizes higher than those for SharePoint on-premises.

During a recent update to Metalogix’ free Migration Expert pre-migration reporting tool around the limitations that Microsoft has on SPO vs. those for SharePoint on-premises, I discovered that whereas in the past, Migration Expert would have to warn users that they may have to consolidate Sites, Site Collections, large files, etc. prior to migrating to SharePoint Online, at this stage, not only is that not true, but rather the limitations in SPO are actually higher than those for on-premises SharePoint. In the last six months, Microsoft has significantly increased its limits in at least four key areas:

Site Collections per tenant has been upped from 3,000 to 500,000 (on-premises is 250,000)

  1. Sub-sites per Site Collection has gone from 2,000 to 100,000 (on-premises is 250,000)
  2. Max storage per Site Collection is up from 100GB to 1TB (on-prem recommendations vary from 100GB to 200GB depending on version)
  3. Maximum file size is now on-par with on-prem, having been upped from 250MB to 2GB

It's clear that larger organizations or government agencies would benefit the most from the higher limits, but based on the four areas, Microsoft is making SharePoint Online a more tempting proposition, and reducing the challenges of migrating to SPO by besting SharePoint 2013's limits.

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Written By: Tamir Orbach