Insights from SharePoint Saturday Dubai

Insights from SharePoint Saturday Dubai

Insights from SharePoint Saturday Dubai

By Graeme Hutchison | February 02, 2016

Last Saturday Metalogix sponsored SharePoint Saturday Dubai, an annual gathering of SharePoint experts and enthusiasts. Several MVPs were present including Joel Olesson and Michael Noel. They shared their insights and best practices. One of the hottest topics I was asked about was security in Office 365.

Functionalities & Updates in Office 365

Michael Noel gave a breakdown and analysis of less well-known functionalities in Office 365. One example from his session was the new email filtering option called Clutter. Clutter uses machine-learning to move email based on your reading behaviour into a specific folder, thus filtering them out of your inbox. In addition, Michael spoke about how Microsoft updates in Office 365 impact users. The updates can roll out at anytime, which could change a user’s experience. Michael suggested visiting for a comprehensive view of updates – upcoming, in development, and previously released.

Security in Office 365 & ControlPoint

Why security in Office 365? From industries ranging from education, media, and engineering, all of them shared the same concern – How do we ensure the right people have access to only the content they need to do their jobs, and how to keep classified content secure? Many attendees told me about their challenges with managing permissions in SharePoint, especially when dealing with clustered sites and hundreds or thousands of users. Metalogix solutions allow Office 365 administrators and users to have detailed permissions reporting and permissions management capabilities to secure their content. In addition, we provide solutions to identify sensitive content such as PII and PHI, and provide capabilities to automatically take action to appropriately secure that content upon detection.

Office 365 in the Middle East

Based on the sessions and talks I had with participants, the move to Office 365 is happening now in the Middle East Region. The region has embraced cloud technology, and this trend is gaining momentum. Metalogix is happy to support the vibrant SharePoint community in the Middle East.

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Written By: Graeme Hutchison