Meeting Government's Collaboration Needs

Meeting Government's Collaboration Needs

Meeting Government's Collaboration Needs

By Micheal Mullen | June 30, 2016

We were excited to be invited to speak on John Gilroy’s Federal Tech Talk on Federal News Radio recently and Adam Levithan, Shawn Mitchell and Jai Dargan were happy to talk about what Metalogix is doing in the government space. As a software company based in Washington, DC, we understand government like no other and with growing concerns about data breaches, content collaboration and content security, our team was ready to answer Gilroy’s inquires.

While the conversation, given Gilroy’s extensive history and knowledge of the public sector, was candid about the government’s content collaboration needs, Adam felt that the questions boiled down to three key areas:

  • Proven Processes and Solutions
  • Information Governance
  • Information Security

If you’re interested in hearing their answers and more about how we’re answering the needs of the government marketplace, listen in to Federal Tech Talk.

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Micheal Mullen
Written By: Micheal Mullen