Metalogix is Forever

Metalogix is forever

Metalogix is Forever

By Trevor Hellebuyck | January 17, 2018

This one made us smile.

If you haven’t heard, AvePoint launched a campaign claiming that we are for sale.

All we have to say is: AvePoint, we know that you would love to buy our business, but we’ll have to disappoint you! Success and innovation are definitely hard to come by, and without those things, we understand why you would stoop to desperate campaigns such as this.

We don’t know what sparked their post, but we will recognize it for what it is: a thinly veiled attempt to capture customers who they couldn’t otherwise attract with AvePoint solutions. We’ll simply say that we are a successful private equity backed business that attracts a lot of attention. Sometimes we respond to that attention; many times we don’t.

Rest assured, our solutions aren’t going anywhere, and we know our customers aren’t either… because we know Metalogix solutions are superior and our customers will always come first—no matter what! In fact, we are investing in strengthening our business through innovation and collaboration with our customers.

If AvePoint customers want to talk to an ethical vendor about superior solutions, we will absolutely support their decision to switch to Metalogix (as we already do plenty of times every year).

Perhaps AvePoint should spend their time and resources building better products and truly supporting their customers rather than wasting time on desperate campaigns like this.

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Trevor Hellebuyck

Trevor is a recognized SharePoint innovator and the principal architect of StoragePoint, the ground-breaking storage optimization software for SharePoint. Trevor joined Metalogix in 2010 with the acquisition of BlueThread Technologies. He was instrumental in the launch and growth of StoragePoint while serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BlueThread Technologies, a company focused on developing applications for Microsoft products and technologies. StoragePoint has become the #1 Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution in the market. Prior to BlueThread, Trevor led technology teams in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Application Integration at NuSoft Solutions, acquired by RCM Technologies in 2008. 

Written By: Trevor Hellebuyck