Metalogix Roadshow Recap: Netherlands

Metalogix Roadshow - Netherlands

Metalogix Roadshow Recap: Netherlands

By Graeme Hutchison | March 31, 2015

With the Netherlands being amongst the top countries in EMEA who have gone 'all in' with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud offering, we couldn’t have picked a better location to kick off the Metalogix Roadshow.

Mike Kan, our new head of Channels and Alliances, kicked off the Roadshow with a theme that captured the day’s goals, 'The key to successful collaboration is adoption and incremental revenue streams can be delivered when the party with technology triangulates with those who have access to market and a new business model.'

Companies invest in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 because it powers new innovation. However, adoption does not happen by accident and MVP Jasper Oosterveld shared his experiences and tips to driving usage of the platforms in his keynote.

The cloud model is also disruptive and customers have a lot of choice, James Fowell outlined the considerations for customers as they contemplate their options for moving to the Microsoft cloud. No doubt, the road to the cloud can be confusing and daunting.

WiPro helped make that road less confusing by discussing large scale implementations and showed that selecting the right partner to support a company’s cloud journey is desirable if not critical to its success.

Microsoft's Hans Van Der Meer showcased new technologies such as Microsoft Delve which brings customised information to the knowledge worker. To take advantage of the technology, companies will need to have a clear vision and a stable platform as a launching pad.

K2 showed its tremendous value add to the SharePoint community as its representatives demonstrated how easy it is automate high value business processes and some practice examples.

Our next Metalogix Roadshow heads to the Microsoft offices at Thames Valley Park. If you didn’t already register, this event is also sold out. Yet, spaces are still available at future stops including visiting Cologne, Copenhagen and Dublin.

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Written By: Graeme Hutchison