Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to Host Box

Microsoft Azure cloud services host Box

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to Host Box

By Jason Lee | June 28, 2017

In light of the news that Box will begin hosting its services on Microsoft Azure technology, we understand that cloud content management users might be left a little confused. Specifically, what does this mean for OneDrive users? The short answer is that we believe this changes nothing, and that for every organization, OneDrive remains the best place to collaborate on, share, and store files.

If you’re asking yourself how this affects your cloud collaboration strategy, we can help put your fears to rest. Read on to learn more about Box’s deepening reliance on Microsoft and how it affects OneDrive.

Azure will still centralize OneDrive

Since Box will be leaning solely on Azure cloud services (and no longer on AWS, Equinix, and IBM), it will also be taking advantage of Azure’s advanced machine learning and cognitive computing services moving forward—features that are already inherent in OneDrive’s environment.

However, since Azure centralizes OneDrive as its primary cloud collaboration platform, we can anticipate that Box users may realize the impracticality of their cloud content strategy. Utilizing a platform that is specifically tailored to its cloud service (in this case, OneDrive and Azure) is arguably more efficient and reliable.

OneDrive ranks first against competitors

Though other EFSS competitors may tout their innovations and compatibility features, the fact that third-party entities like Box rely on Azure to host their services goes to show how marquee customers support the Microsoft ecosystem. Essentially, OneDrive and Azure are leading the cloud collaboration industry, and there is no sign of them slowing down.

In fact, when comparing OneDrive with Box, OneDrive is the more effective way to store and move all of your files. If you have any doubts that OneDrive consistently outranks other file sharing and cloud storage options, see how OneDrive performs against Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box here.

Using OneDrive not only can help you improve your organization’s efficiency, it’s also the least costly option—and Microsoft is standing by it 100% as well.

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